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How to become a vagabond at 21


Sep 9, 2021
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Pacific Northwest
When I was a kid, I remember school myths of “the hobo in the woods”, and we’d all snoop around this chainlink fence by the woods searching for this imaginary hobo, that probably never existed.

Ironically, I am now that hobo.
Except I’m not camped out by an elementary school. (That would be fuckin weird) Life can be so cynical sometimes.

A year ago, I had a good job making a shitload of money tattooing, an apartment, a girlfriend too. But life comes at you fast, and that all changed way faster than I had ever taken to build it up.

About 3 months into my professional tattooing career, I was green and eager to work hard. I was tattooing for this awful prick. He would make me work 10 hour days with no breaks, hell I couldn’t even get up to piss half the time. The owner was a piece of shit, threatened to hit me, constantly made me take on responsibilities that a green 6-month-old tattooer shouldn't have.

Long story short, I developed a pretty bad injury in my arms and had to quit my job.

Workers Comp was a no-go on a technicality, and welfare hardly covered shit. I lost my savings, my dream job, and now had this awesome new disability that kept me from doing what I loved most, which was drawing.

my relationship with my partner ended. It went sour after I lost my job, but it was never healthy to begin with.

So, all in a nutshell, now I’m here. With my car, my dog, my camera and some camping gear. Probably happier than I’ve ever been.

It can be easy to trick yourself into thinking you're happy when there’s so much going on, and so many people relying on you. Sometimes, you don’t realize what you’re putting yourself through in order to take care of the people you love.

One thing the last couple years has taught me, especially dealing with all this shit, is that just comes at you fucking fast man. You’re just here to experience it. To learn from it.

So why not just fuckin enjoy it. Life is too damn short to be bitter.
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Sep 22, 2021
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That makes me so happy for you to hear that you're happier now. It gives me hope for the road ahead for myself. Good for you my man! Also, I've seen you on the vagabond subreddit haha, I can't forget that face and cute doggo


Apr 29, 2015
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Portland, OR
Thanks for sharing your story. You're so right about how we are very talented at telling ourselves stories about what success or failure looks like and feels like.
I am in my early 40's and have had lots of ups and downs in life, but this year I decided to do something different and just sell or gift away all of my posessions that wouldn't fit inside a few storage tubs that I keep stowed under my bed in my van, and I've been traveling around for about four months so far and happier than I've ever been as well!
Keep on finding your joy. Best of luck to you on your journey. Seems like maybe you're on the right track!

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