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  • Yo I still remember the pics of your stick and pokes from 3 years ago. They're that fucking good. Shouts out.
    crisp wind and good times with friends, just saw andrew jackson jihad play at bottom of the hill. twas amazing. hows it going oer there?
    hell yeah, i still have it laying around. Send me some pictures of some stuff and we can work something out for sure.
    hey whats up, nah i dont think we've met.. im kinda new to the whole thing but im gettin outta here this summer. any advice for a minor aspiring to squat haha??
    Glad I got to talk with ya for a bit on here. Hope that your doing well up North! I travel back and forth between Portland and North Carolina, so if your ever in either look me up and I'll try to help you out.
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