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  • one squirrel gives you about a drumstick's worth of meat- not very much...
    hey, you posted that there is a place called the centro in pitt, do you have directions for me? it would help out alot.
    Oh man, I forgot all about that store! Thanks, man.
    oh its not a big deal. sorry you had some troubles on the l. would have been nice to meet up. i'm sure i'll be back though!
    well even if i am banned for what dont seem so bad..thanks for makeing this website..i had fun while i did
    heyy i have no clue how to get ahold of you besides here, im trying to find a way downtown but public trans that would normally get me there is shut down cause of the snow, and even CSX is at a standstill next to my house, if it moves ill jump on i guess, but the engineers even got picked up in a van so i doubt their moving , its pullin junk and some closed boxcars so its seeming doubtful they will come back tonight =/
    how long would you say you had to endure getting bitten by mosquitos before your body got "used" to them, and started to ignore the feeling.(up in ME) couple hours, days, weeks?
    I want to recommend a couple books for you, would love to hear you opine about:
    Endgame, vol. 1: The Problem of Civilization - Derrick Jensen
    What We Leave Behind - Derrick Jensen & Aric McBay
    World Made By Hand - James Howard Kuntsler
    Ecotopia Emerging - Ernest Callenbach
    please shoot me ur email via pm so that i can transfer a waystations file. thanx.
    An avatar, wow, you draw that or heist it off someones frdge, lol... Calm down old boy, just teasing ya-Arrow
    r u left or right coast? or in the great north?
    yeah, i know... it lasts anywhere from a couple of hours to half a day or so. sorry i wasnt politically correct.
    hah, i hate zombies that run, what ever happened to rigor mortis?
    hey there chuckle head. I FINALLY wrote and tried to post a new story, but ....these new digs of ours wouldn't let me. BUT, I have already sent Matt a note and he got back and now i am in the midst of a typical round of pm TAG. But, if you want to be the first to read it, drop me a line at my in-box here and I will send to ya...-Arrow
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