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  • You asked how to start a revolution somewhere else. I have a pretty good idea hypothetically
    Hi Weston,
    I'm a CUNY student of journalism, currently working on a story about squatting in NYC.
    I've read some of your posts, and would really like to get your input.
    If interested, please let me know ASAP!
    Maned one,
    I just joined this thing minutes ago because I'm gearing up for rainbow. Planned on biking to palenque but if I could get down to Guatemala for november that would be rad. Anyway, I'm near Houston, what about you?
    where you at, bruddah man? see my post (something like 'rollin, rolling, rollin...' ; read the whole thing.) talks about my plans... gonna go down to MX for rainbows, but doing a big ol' loop of Amerikkka before then, because... well, i don't wanna come back for a grriiipp. Hit me up; i think we're FB friends? maybe?
    hey when you get close to mexico hit me up, im in so cal wanting to go into mexico also, but cant afford a passport or visa, just gonna say im visiting for the day and not come back, fuck america..i'd be down to road dog it with you, south america sounds cool too
    Hey bro- I haven't been on here in almost a year so 'm just seeing your post. I have been making plans to go south and been heading that direction...already in Houston now. I have a passport and speak moderate spanish. Are you still in NY? For all I know you might already be in Mexico. Hit me up when you get this if you're still looking for a bud.
    thanks again for your feed back on my post. i really appreciate it. hope you are well, please contact me if you need help finding some herbs :)
    I've sworn never to get a facebook account
    No, the only profile that I still have online is on couchsurf. Not really new here, just a new account
    Hey, I would also be interested in a trip south of the border, have been contemplating it for a while. Seen much of the western world and now I'm thinking about going south but would not do it alone so here is our chance for a great adventure. I'm in UT right now, let me know what you think of this and how long it would take you to get down here. Winter
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