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  • Hey my name's Fir and I saw a post of yours about a pdx dumpster guide I was wondering if you still give those out? Also tattoos? Do you do trades or take money? I would totally be into getting some work done.
    hey seen yer tattoo work phenom i'll be in portland area in a few weeks if y astill need victims thanks Roman
    I seent your tattoo werk.. You're going to be really, really super-good. Shit, you already are. I'm beginning to tattoo now.. having a bit of trouble setting up my shader -_- Could you help me?
    hey brotha got me a dog from amarillo while passin through in april and im plannin to ride with him, i saw you got pulled off in one of your picture threads, what went on with the dog, take it easy
    ive been doin alright bro, in long beach been here for 4 mnths, workinn, helpin out fam here. but im plannin on peacin out in march after i see Crass in LA w/ my road dogg, head out to okc then just chill in the east coast.
    what you been up too since after ft wayne?
    nice montana had pups, damn dood wish iwas around to have one of em.
    hey lawrence how you doin bro?
    whats up r in portland in b ham...i got housed up by this worker in the irondale yard he smoked me out and kicked me down a mandolin..then he drove me back to the yard and showed me the schedual and shit asnd theres a daily train from here up to allentown PA it terminates there though...that shit was cool as fucking infested with poisen ivy though that shits no good..and i had to cut my dreads....fuckin bugs...well shit dude later and safe riden..
    I remember that day, but I don't remember you specifically. Yeah, you guys were going east and I caught north to Sac.
    yes i did have fun doing case you didn't notice it was a fucking joke. but yeah you have fun talking shit after i've logged out. I'm shure people will respect you for that.
    it is, even more so where I am. Right between Occidental and Sebastopol; it's more like woods at my house.
    yah, eric told me a little about it..i ended up riding through texas to NOLA and stayed out there for a month or so then went to OKC and I came back to tx because i lost my gear and soo bummed, i can't believe she's gone..i wnt to jail for aggressive panhandling in OKC and then i couldn't get her out of the pound, i feel like a fucking prick dude..but i got new gear and im headed out in like 3 days.It's cold as fuck here too, but i've got the gear to split now.. i think i might go to savannah for st. patty's then im not sure..if we can we should hook up sometime on the road,'s good to hear from you
    It's going alright, I overextended myself as far as my class schedule is concerned. Saw Jamie and Jacob, I think they skipped town already. Jasmine and Jared are around here somewhere. Getting evicted in June or July, and have no clue as to what I'm going to do. There are hesitant plans to pirate the house for as long as possible before getting arrested. Don't know if that's actually going to happen or if I'll be participating. How is Utah treating you? Where you headed?
    By the way... fantastic fuckin pictures. I'd love to see the ones from our ride up to Seattle whenever you can put em up.
    hey i saw on the g20 thread that youre heading to pittsburgh from portland in a few days me and my grlfriend are trying to get east from portland and would love someone to go along with for at least part of the ride (we're planning on going through to boston) please let me know thanks
    welcome aboard. ur in good company up in pdx.
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