Tattoo artist biking from Orlando to Savannah (1 Viewer)

Oct 1, 2011
Tampa, United States
So I started riding from Miami to Orlando and I took sometime off but now I'm back on the road .... I packed all my tattoo stuff and I'm about to start riding my tall bike from Orlando to Savannah if anyone has a place to crash or if you have some hand me down bike parts or if you have any space in a tattoo shop let me know should take me about 7 days to get there at 40 miles a day...also if you are up that way and have room in you're truck that would be cool to anyways stay tuned to my travels on my i.g @hardtimestattoocompany


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Sometimes traveler is traveling.
Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
wow - totally awesome!! Going to point you towards the pinned post in the bicycle touring subforum where you posted as there are a couple cool posts - one that lists potential free help along the way - and another is a guy who started up a DIY bicycling group on facebook - there are many of you out there :).

And I keep forgetting about these people I've been a part of for many years -

They have a very active bicycle touring forum.


Jun 14, 2016
Cincinnati ,OH
I did some bike touring a few years ago, Cincinnati Ohio to Roswell new Mexico and several trips from Cincy to Washington d.c. the fact that you are doing it on a tall bike is gnarly I miss my old tall bike!. Safe travels. An pedal on good sir!

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