1. OriginalAlaskan

    Alaskan just North of FoCo

    What's going on Ramblers, Gamblers and Nomadic Squatters alike. Found this whilst looking for an alternative to locking myself into my topper while boondocking. Been camping, traveling, fixing, adding and as of this year hitting up the Rambler 500 and Gambler 500 shoulda been the Gambler 250...
  2. lemoncats

    New(ish) nomad ready to hit the road again soon!

    Hi. As it says on my profile, Ive been travelling with my partner for almost 8 years with our cats. We've kinda stayed to ourselves, living out of th car and crashing on some friend's couches. We've settled down from time to time but based on some personal situations, we have always stayed in...
  3. Honey Crust

    Hitchin' Denver to California: What Could Go Wrong? (Pt. 1)

    "Ugh if I didn't get tickets to PUP in February I could've stayed in Vegas goddamit." I had just gotten back to Denver after touring California with my band Rotten Reputation, and was faced with the task of heading back almost immediately to LA for a music festival I had said yes to playing a...
  4. Screenshot_20190211-162950_Messenger.jpg


    Somewhere in Colorado
  5. The Forks

    The Forks

    Three-way intersection on highway 287 in Colorado to get to Redfeather. Caught a ride here with a Californian family on a road trip. Nice folks.
  6. Durango, Colorado

    Durango, Colorado

    Was waiting out the government shut down so I could hitch to Mesa Verde and sat through a couple snow storms in Durango. When it wasn't storming, it was beautiful! Never did get to Mesa time!
  7. Continental Divide

    Continental Divide

    Always wanted to make it to one of these! Ended up hitting a couple this last trip. Hitchhiking through the Rocky Mountains in January...yah. It was spectacular!
  8. Coywolf

    Idea for next Southwest leg of Trip...

    Just wanted to pitch my idea for a "Tour de Southwest" for both my enjoyment, and my YouTube channel: Planning on heading south from Flagstaff, do some hiking hiking/camping In Sedona. Then head further south and go to Cottonwood, and perhaps the Verde Valley. From here it is difficult to...
  9. beginnavagabond

    Living alone in wilderness but nearby civilisation

    I've heard all about how if you decide to go to the wild you should partner up with people to ensure survival which I totally agree with. If I were to do it alone, is there a place I can live nearby a town just in case I need outside help and would that be a good idea? I was wondering about...
  10. Coywolf

    Firefighting in Colorado

    Hey all, been up here on a fire assignment as a Helicopter Crewmember for the last two weeks. Some cool stuff. Here's some pics of the 416 fire outside Durango, CO:
  11. M

    CO- Wild Roots Gathering 2018 / *fire warning*

    Skill-sharing anti-civ gathering. Anti-oppression and sober space. Supposed to be taking place this weekend at a trailhead near the SJ Natl Forest, but stay updated as theres a fire in the area All the info is here Ride/discussion board...
  12. EatMoreRoadKIll


    I decided to give this strange/awesome site a chance in hopes of meeting some rad folks while I'm out on the road. I'm passing through Fort Collins CO area until about June, so if your in the area, are cool, and want to hang out hit me up. I've been traveling, squatting, and what not since I was...
  13. Kaine

    In Colorado Springs, heading to west coast come Summer (+ the story so far)

    I'm Kaine, 23 M, from Indianapolis, IN. Last summer I decided fuck living in the city, can't deal with the noise, lack of space and privacy, and entitled people. For the past 3-4 years I've been working on and off at urban farms and living in a van. Then I got a vision that I'm not supposed to...
  14. Jbird

    Hey man.

    I am the Jbird and I have felt the amber wind, but only once before. I am a semi-experienced backpacker and I am a novice trad climber. I would like like to dig into the train-hopping culture and ride the waves of irresponsibility. Maybe I will find a niche in society, or maybe I will wander...
  15. Tank42

    In Denver for now, new to StP

    Hey there fellow travellers! I'm 32, male college graduate. I just recently left a nice apartment behind in the upper Midwest after a bad breakup and am now roughing it in Denver for the time being. I'm not tied down here, been just working allot through a day labor place. I'm saving up to...
  16. MoHank


    Hitchhiking Denver to LA. Who's done it? Tips? Suggestions? I am brand new to this. College age male traveling alone. -Thx
  17. Will Wood

    Colorado, Longmont/Boulder

    New to Colorado.. .. Anyone?? Man it is lonely and cold here.. Wondering if I made a big fucking mistake..
  18. Heath Bar

    Wondering 4 Runner and Greyhound

    My dog and I have done about 20k miles accross Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and southern California in the past 3-4 months. We are taveling in a modified 4 runner with the back seats un hindged for car camping and city camping. We are currently in Santa Monica for a few days or maybe until just...
  19. M

    Dynamic Duo in Pittsburgh

    I met two travelers in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago in the Polish Hill area.We hung out and had an amazing time.We wound up crashing at the skatepark there that night and hung out into the next afternoon.The next day was around 90, and my asthma was making it impossible for me to keep up...
  20. VioletMoon

    Fort Collins

    Next week tuesday I will be arriving in FoCo on a bus with little cash and a possible place for a tent. I dont know much about the area as I'm from Wisconsin and have only been out to CO once. Any neat places to check out or general info I should know?