1. beginnavagabond

    Living alone in wilderness but nearby civilisation

    I've heard all about how if you decide to go to the wild you should partner up with people to ensure survival which I totally agree with. If I were to do it alone, is there a place I can live nearby a town just in case I need outside help and would that be a good idea? I was wondering about...
  2. Coywolf

    Photos Firefighting in Colorado

    Hey all, been up here on a fire assignment as a Helicopter Crewmember for the last two weeks. Some cool stuff. Here's some pics of the 416 fire outside Durango, CO:
  3. M

    CO- Wild Roots Gathering 2018 / *fire warning*

    Skill-sharing anti-civ gathering. Anti-oppression and sober space. Supposed to be taking place this weekend at a trailhead near the SJ Natl Forest, but stay updated as theres a fire in the area All the info is here Ride/discussion board...
  4. beginnavagabond

    Looking for a road dog this summer

    Hey everyone, I will in Denver on June 5th and I will probably be leaving June 10th or later to SLC, Portland, and up to Washington, but I am flexible with where we go. I was wondering if there was someone with experience I could partner up with for a bit. I was travelling too comfortably...
  5. DazeDreamer

    In Boulder for now

    I finally left northeast Ohio last week to start living out of my car full time and WWOOFing while traveling around the country. I made it to the first farm I'm working at this weekend in Boulder, CO. was hoping to meet some people while working with them here but apparently only one other...
  6. Landan S Frost

    Seeking Ride From Denver to asheville NC, need help

    Departing from: commerce city Denver colorado Destination:asheville NC or anywhere along the way Date range: asap! Please help me towards getting home, was brought to Colorado with no way back and the worst luck! Looking to get to get to NC or anywhere along the way, any help is appreciated
  7. EatMoreRoadKIll


    I decided to give this strange/awesome site a chance in hopes of meeting some rad folks while I'm out on the road. I'm passing through Fort Collins CO area until about June, so if your in the area, are cool, and want to hang out hit me up. I've been traveling, squatting, and what not since I was...
  8. EatMoreRoadKIll

    Ride Offered Driving back east to Asheville NC area June 24th

    Departing from: Colorado San Juan area Destination: Asheville NC Date range: Around June 24th About me: 31 M, been traveling, hopping freight,squatting etc since I was young. Out in Colorado volunteering at a retreat center till June, hitting a survival skills rendezvous in the area, then...
  9. Kaine

    In Colorado Springs, heading to west coast come Summer (+ the story so far)

    I'm Kaine, 23 M, from Indianapolis, IN. Last summer I decided fuck living in the city, can't deal with the noise, lack of space and privacy, and entitled people. For the past 3-4 years I've been working on and off at urban farms and living in a van. Then I got a vision that I'm not supposed to...
  10. echoandtophat

    Seeking Ride In bristol tn trying to get to denver for my hubbys b day

    Been in bristol about a week been told wed be arrested for flying our signs (which say i love you and smile youre awesome) been trying to hitch with no luck tried the craigslist supposed to get a ride to st louis tomorrow but theyre not responding to our texts if anyway could just get us out of...
  11. Jbird

    Hey man.

    I am the Jbird and I have felt the amber wind, but only once before. I am a semi-experienced backpacker and I am a novice trad climber. I would like like to dig into the train-hopping culture and ride the waves of irresponsibility. Maybe I will find a niche in society, or maybe I will wander...
  12. CaptCook

    Seeking Ride Colorado to west coast for Nationals

    Hello everyone, I'm posting in the hopes that I find a ride before I hitch out in hopes of catching someone along my route who is willing to pick me up. I'm currently in the Denver area and will be hitching out the 15th taking 25-80 to Sacramento, then taking the 5 into Oregon. If anyone is...
  13. Tank42

    In Denver for now, new to StP

    Hey there fellow travellers! I'm 32, male college graduate. I just recently left a nice apartment behind in the upper Midwest after a bad breakup and am now roughing it in Denver for the time being. I'm not tied down here, been just working allot through a day labor place. I'm saving up to...
  14. blumerang

    Seeking Ride Lawrence, Ks to Colorado

    Hi! I'm looking for a ride to Colorado. I'm willing to pitch in for gas, or food, w/e works. I get along with all people and all furry friends are A-Okay. Just starting my adventure, would be sweet to share the first chapter of it with ya. Else I'll try my thumb out...Best-Josh
  15. Biz Chronta

    Seeking Ride Chimney mason moving to CO for work *ride needed

    Hello, Due to some recent life changes I am moving to Colorado for work. I need to be out there ASAP. Looking for someone headed that way willing to split gas and drive out there in a day or two. I smoke but am willing to do so at rest areas. I like good music and convo but am fine with reading...
  16. Kvpper

    Road dawg it? Leaving denver soon

    Hey y'all, I've been out here in CO for the past few days n thinking about heading onward soon. Been travelin' for a few weeks, just my pup and I so far. Hopped some trains from Yermo up to salt lake n hitched across wy and got myself here just in time for 4/20... And rain! Since I've been in CO...
  17. j wanderer

    Seeking Couch in or near boulder co

    two hippies needing to get out of the rain tonight. if anyone has a couch, floor or car to to sleep in for the night it would be greatly appreciated. thanks :)
  18. Jaygarrett

    Seeking Couch Crash till 15th -Denver

    I need a place to crash monday the 12th until the 15th. I can help out. Buy my own food. Waiting for check on the 15th then out.
  19. Coywolf

    Flagstaff > Durango > Moab

    Going to be leaving Flag-town headed north to Durango, Colorado, then over to Moab through Ouray/Montrose/Grand Junction. If anyone wants to go with, I'd be down for someone to tag along. Please be sane, able to provide for yourself, and not an asshole. I won't put up with bullshit. Also, I...
  20. CaptCook

    Seeking Ride Denver to Topeka

    Last time I was in Topeka I left my hat. I'm really missing the damn thing so I'm making my way back in a week or so. Currently chilling at a friend's place in Castle Rock Colorado, ready to move on after I run into a few more people I wanna see before I leave the state. 1 kid, 1 pack, 1 dog...