Copper Mountain, Colorado or Las Vegas, Nevada? (1 Viewer)


Aug 15, 2018
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Tusayan, AZ
I currently have a job at the ski resort of Copper Mountain in Colorado. I worked at a different resort this past summer in the far white north of Alaska, doing the same thing I'll be doing in Colorado (front desk services). However, another option on the table is to go to Vegas to live with a writer and a painter I know. I'm a freelance writer in my spare time but I've neglected my prose ever since starting seasonal gigs (at least the ones in resorts). If I go to Vegas to crash with my buddies I'll have to find a 9-5 grind somewhere for awhile, and if that happens I want to pursue a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate in my spare time. This won't leave much money left to save for traveling for awhile, but the world itself will be opened to me as a traveling worker if I get the certification. I've never been to either place and they both have their pros (neither of them have cons. Seriously, I'll be happy doing either). My only question is who's been to either or both places and what can I expect once I get there? What's the environment like? The people? If anybody has an intel they could pass along I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance my vagabond amigos!

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