Just Landed in Colorado Springs, CO (1 Viewer)

Apr 9, 2019
Current Location
Colorado Springs
For the last year I’ve been making my way around the US in my beat up RV. I still have the ache to travel but have set up shop here in Colorado Springs for a bit. Anybody from here or traveling through? Looking for some cool shit to do or cool people to meet.
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Jul 20, 2018
Current Location
Milwaukee Wisconsin
COS is my adopted hometown. (Lived there for over 12 years) I'll be there this summer for a while. (I visit once or twice a year now. May move back there some time in the near future, still debating on that).

Avoid the south and east side of town, it's beginning to be called, Chicago Springs. Robberies, carjackings, shootings, etc. Avoid areas around East Fountain Blvd and Chelton Rd. Avoid Memorial Park and Dorchester Park. Downtown ok, many homeless. Marian House soup kitchen is on East Bijou St & Cascade Ave. I lived downtown and never had problems, just watch your surroundings.

Coywolf is right, I posted an article on this site that COS passed a law on RVs parking on the streets.

Good Luck!


Nov 15, 2012
Current Location
Just in time for a fucking tsunami!
My trailer is a fuggin rockin'!

Holla! Ill be in and out of the springs the next few months. I squat on the west side, bear creek park.


Dec 7, 2018
Current Location
Colorado Springs
Are the anti-homeless laws in colorado as fucked as Google indicates? I need a colorado local to give me some current info
The “powers that be” are slowly tightening up on folks living on the streets. The Town of Colorado Springs does have a rep as being “a good place to be homeless”. Lots of handouts from the local homeless industry. Lots of folks flying signs too. The cops (including a 8 officer “outreach team”) are getting better at smoking people out as they camyp.

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