Apr 14, 2018
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Fort Collins
I decided to give this strange/awesome site a chance in hopes of meeting some rad folks while I'm out on the road. I'm passing through Fort Collins CO area until about June, so if your in the area, are cool, and want to hang out hit me up. I've been traveling, squatting, and what not since I was in my early teens. I'm pretty chill, Not really into getting wasted/being an oogle anymore. Still enjoy an occasional drink. I'm mostly into permaculture, and living in community with little or no money. I'm a certified welder, and all around skilled/handy person, and always down to help out/ get involved with rad projects. I'm in the area doing a bit of volunteering at a retreat center , and taking advantage of the mountains, and good food, and lodging they provide, then hitting a earthskills rendezvous after. So if you're around, and want to hang out, get a beer or coffee, and shoot the breeze, or go on a hike/adventure in the area hit me up!

ps. I'm driving a 4 banger 4x4, so I'm pretty mobile, and will be heading back east around june 24th if you are needing a ride.
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Jul 28, 2011
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Rochester, NY
Greetings STP new member :) We have lots to offer. Do hope you meet up with some of our members - think about the slabs (see subforum for the STP jamboree in CA) as a good meet up. I am personally a couch to travelers - good thing to look into for a rest too.
Apr 14, 2018
Current Location
Fort Collins
First let me apologize if this comes off as too sentimental, or kiss-ass..... But..... Wow. I don't know why I've been so hesitant to join this site for so long. I guess I never took the time to delve deep enough. Shout out to the creator Matt Derrick! It's good, even when isolated to still be able to feel connected to the community that actually matters to me, and has given me hope in this fucked up world. Shout out to all the weirdo's, dreamers, schemers, and folks still holding it down/ searching for alternatives to the dominant paradigm. When I first took the leap to get the heck out of my economically depressed, and dead home town, I had no idea that there were others out there in the world searching for meaning, and more genuine existences outside of the empty consumerist, isolationist model set before us by mainstream capitalism. After discovering that there was a community i felt I could relate, and belong to my life took on new hope. It's probably the reason I'm not dead, or burned out in a gutter. So here's to all of you, and to the people involved in creating,and maintaining the site! Thanks for putting the work in to help bring folks together.

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