Portland or Colorado, Trying to Choose (1 Viewer)

May 12, 2019
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My first two picks are Portland, OR, and anywhere in Colorado. I've heard Colorado has worse laws than Portland when it comes to "criminalization of the homeless", and that Portland has laws that do not make it illegal for the homeless to sleep in public, set up tents, panhandle, etc... but I also wonder... after watching Seattle is Dying and learning about the community's growing hatred/apathy towards the homeless, in part, due to the extremely lax laws regarding the homeless. I fear that anywhere with significantly favorable homeless laws might suggest that the citizens of that place would also be apathetic or hateful towards the homeless.

Conversely, with Colorado, I know the laws are generally the same as anywhere else with regards to their homeless laws, bu the positive side is that weed is 100% legal, community views on the homeless may be more favorable than Portland's, and it would be closer to where I am now in Ohio, and therefore cheaper to finance the Greyhound bus. Do you have any thoughts?
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Oct 16, 2015
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ya man yr gonna have to try out both, plus more, and see what you like

also nothing is 100% but I believe cannabis is just as legal in Portland as it is in most of Colorado

Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
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Austin, TX
i think portland is pretty dead at this point.

but, you have told us what your plans/intentions are? like, are you just traveling? trying to get a place, settle down? just plan on bumming it? these things might help us give you a more accurate reason as to why one might be better than the other.
May 12, 2019
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I'm gonna be homeless wherever I go, and I'm not necessarily looking for a permanent place just a starting state. I will eventually leave wherever I am, but I want to find a good starting place. From the sound of it, Colorado is looking more and more promising.

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