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Apr 10, 2019
This cat physically and sexually abuses people. Hangs with folk punk and crusty crowds. Last seen in Phoenix as of April 11, 2019

These are from a dear friend of mine. Not my own first hand account. Most recent available image of Ty attached. Travels with a black and white dog. Recently passed through Colorado Springs, but has an SOS on him in the groups he ran with there. Images of the victim post-beating exist, but will not be reposted here.

Ty Helie assaulted me. I'm in the hospital. He said he was going to kill me. I don't know where he is and he said he would come back for me.
My nose is broken and had to be stitched back together on top. He took my phone when I tried to call for help. He pushed me against the wall by the throat and started punching me. At one point he stopped because I was bleeding so much but then he started again and spit in my face. He told me I was stupid and made him do it and that I should kill myself and the baby. He told me he would come back for me. He said he would kill me.
This all starated because yesterday I took a phone call from branden who is in jail and ty didn't like that. He flipped out on me. He was 3 or 5 40ozs deep and told me he hated me and hoped I died. Something his friends must have told him last night made him just totally snap on me.
At one point he stopped and I tried to lock him out. He beat the door in. He broke my glasses and tore my shirt. I had to run to the neighbours and beg them to hide me. They called the cops.

about a week ago, ty woke me up while i was sleeping and ejaculated on my face. this was after calling me a cunt the night before as the last thing he said before i went to sleep.
the first time ty and i had sex, he woke me up by pressing his dick inside me.


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Nov 4, 2018
Can vouch on this. I know the victim of the assault, and everyone who heard what happened has it out for this fucker.

Last I heard he was trying to head east, so if you’re right of the rockies I’d definitely keep your eyes peeled for him.


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Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
This has also been posted on another fb group Im in - warnings and redflags for the nomadic community - to be on guard


Apr 19, 2019
Colorado Springs
I don't know this girl, but as a former victim of Ty's, I like to keep tabs on him. Super saddened to hear he's done it again. Her story is strikingly similar to mine. Almost exact. Couldn't find a way to reach out to her, but as friends of hers, please let her know that she is not alone! This guy is a serious pos, who broke my nose, fractured my ribs, injured my back, left me covered in bruises, and caused thousands of dollars in damage and theft at my home. Thank you for posting. Important info to know for the next folk who run into him.

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This guy is currently in ARIZONA he is living with his grandmother. He was seen recently in Cave Creek.

The sherriffs need to be alerted in CC. They will find him in local bars there or with his drug addict friends in town.

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