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Jun 24, 2017
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I am the Jbird and I have felt the amber wind, but only once before. I am a semi-experienced backpacker and I am a novice trad climber. I would like like to dig into the train-hopping culture and ride the waves of irresponsibility. Maybe I will find a niche in society, or maybe I will wander the highways of bandits and outcasts, either way I know I am at a turning point.
I have expanded my mind with the Shamanic Fly Agaric 'Shroom. I have done ghetto-lsd and of course like any fringe member of society I smoke a shit-ton of weed. But I am in search of experience, and I hope this place will lead me to a future of endless wandering.
I am an Oogle to the max, ignorant in the ways of tramp, but maybe you people can change that. I want to find rides and stories to help fuel my ventures, also I like the desert, I am tired of the Rockies, show me the Mojave or the wastes of New Mexico. If any of you pop up in Gunnison Colorado and need info, hit me up, I know It inside and out, many Hepcats land here. Thanks!!
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Sometimes traveler is traveling.
Jul 28, 2011
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Rochester, NY
Hellofa intro and welcome! You so sound like you should go to stp jamboree in october and meet up with like minded and fun people. Im on weiird tablet atm as i would post link, but you can find our jamboree links in the jamboree subforum. Its a good time went last year and am trying to get there this year :)

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