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  1. Svintah5635

    Camping in the Swiss Alps during winter

    This weekend I went on a long desired train journey to the Swiss alps. This ride has taken me 13 hours. At first I went to Zurich to explore the city for the morning. I quickly came to realise that I preferred the actual mountains over the city much much more, so I took a train early to a...
  2. DikembeMuhobo

    Couch Offered don't freeze in pitts this winter

    COUCH/FRENZ FARTINAND Offering a very CONDITIONAL place to house up this winter/temp if passing thru. Really anytime but winter is the most appropriate time to reach out i'd say- Length of stay negotiable/ depends on you and your attitude. Male/Female/Trans/Etc. welcome I do not care about...
  3. marmar

    Columbia winter /spring 2022

    Well it's a long shot, but just to throw it out there if anybody is interested enough to have funds/passports/idk Spanish Duolingo set up and ready to travel to Columbia this winter, it d be dope to connect! Feel free to creep through my old posts it might give an idea of what I am, altho no...
  4. RavenOnTheNethervoid

    Seasonal Destinations (Vegan-Specific)

    It's around that time of year, when denizens of the four seasons might begin to contemplate their autumn / winter destinations. While there may be discussion about the topic in general, i wonder if there has been much focus specifically on destinations for Vegans. {It matters. Suggestions...
  5. superphoenix

    Winter Hoppers... Share Your Stories

    The closest thing to a winter hop I did was my 2nd intercity ride out from N. Bergen to Selkirk one April day, where it was almost cold enough to snow and I had my winter gear. But do any of you hop from December to March? I imagine some stay put, some stick to the South, and some just brave the...
  6. Ameris

    Reported content: Post in thread 'How to find a way to be with homeless bf for 1 winter night ( inside or outside)?'

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  7. StrongsouthwindyWomen

    How to find a way to be with homeless bf for 1 winter night ( inside or outside)?

    My long distance boyfriend is coming in town on Friday. Got 5 days to try and plan on how to be with him for 1 night together. He can't stay with me at my place, due to personal reasons/cuz of my roommate not liking him. We are both broke till end of the month, I can't even afford a motel room...
  8. Ace9133

    Question Are there any decent small to medium sized towns that anyone knows of that I could hang around over the winter

    What's up everyone! I'll be freight hopping to AZ soonish. The weather's turning cold here in SW Ohio! Need to keep warm over the winter, and I am NOT going to Florida... no offense! Haha. I'm fairly certain I have my route planned out on a train to train basis to the state line, of course if...
  9. Eng JR Lupo RV323

    Reported content: Post in thread 'Winter, Covid and the Flu. A third wave is coming.'

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  10. NewMexicoJim

    Winter, Covid and the Flu. A third wave is coming.

    I have no fondness for being a downer but this shit is real and getting more serious by the day. Covid cases are up across the US and are hitting rural areas hard now too. Winter will drive people indoors and Covid fatigue will cause many to relax preventative measures. Cases this week over...
  11. watson

    May consider heading to Seattle. How bad is it in the winter?

    Gonna head out next week. Originally wanted to go to Phoenix or Portland. But I’m strongly considering Seattle. How harsh is the winter!
  12. ali

    bamboo clothing in winter

    I've been living in a warm climate for the past few years and this will be my first winter back north of the 49th parallel. The only dedicated cold weather gear i own is a pair of merino long johns, acrylic beanie and polyester fleece lined hoodie. I've worn that to do some 30-45 minute walks in...
  13. D

    Anyone Got Winter Plans?

    Hey all. Just wondering if anyone is cooking up winter travel plans and wants to join forces potentially. I’m considering trying out seasonal work this year via Coolworks. I’d like to be somewhere warm if possible.
  14. Burdock

    RV versus PNW winter

    Whats up y'all? I'm a new-ish RV-dweller (I got my rig, an '88 Jamboree, in early spring) and as summer and my current agricultural gig come to a close up here in Oregon I'm starting to think through where I should be going next. I've got roots back in Portland and I'm kinda eager to get back...
  15. Daisy

    STP member needs your help in flint Michigan creating punk house

    Hey stp, my friend @seeking existence has recently bought a property in michigan and really could use your help putting it together and surviving the winter. Hes kinda trapped there in his situation, right in the middle of winter. He's a long time member that i know to be sincere in his goals...
  16. Syntaxerror

    Winter Couch Burrito

    What’s up? So, I’m just chilling on my home base’s couch. Gonna take off when it warms up. For the first time as a Vagabond son! I’ll be lurking your library, and forum to gear me with as much knowledge as possible. I’m a female, where the women at? Any experienced female wanna teach me to...
  17. MentalDisaster85

    Union Pacific Overland Route during winter.

    I remember sitting in a bar in North Platte Nebraska, bar filled mostly with railroad workers for obvious reasons and I was telling my fellow patron how I was traveling. Well he turned out to be a UP engineer and was honestly concerned about my safety. This is the first time I discovered that...
  18. Honey Crust

    Not hating life this winter, I guess??

    Gotta say, this is the first winter I've spent that I didn't end up hating literally every part of everything. I've got decent housing, pretty good job that's afforded me the ability to start a small home studio, and I've been making art like nobody's business. I've got friends here, I'm well...
  19. Kentucky walker

    Kentucky walker staying South for the winter

    Howdy y'all! I'm Steve AKA Kentucky walker. I live on the road and go anywhere. Love to chill and drink. I walk a lot if I'm not getting anywhere. Started my life on the road March 2017 walking from Kentucky to the west. Now I can't stop! I've been on Earth for 32 years so far. I'm in the...
  20. Raggamuffin

    Video Raggamuffin winter update