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  • Hey man, this is a re-post but thanks again for the package, totally diggin it. Signal cards are sick..at first I though it was some old school RR game..cool either way
    yo dude whats up. met you riding from poco to kamloops. howd the rest of your trip go, where you at now?
    Alls you two have to do is make your say up to Alaska. My family is almost ready to host friends of the road(and just all around friends).
    Don't think so man, I would have at least said hey. Last time I rolled through there I was with two others.
    go to metro zapata, walk up Universidad street towards the park, turn left at the park onto Oilares, go about 3 blocks on your left will be a clean, brick building/centre with a security guard and some signs about the programs they offer. just past the security guard is an open entrance with waiting room and appointment desk. This is a dentistry school, you can make an appointment and get whatever you want done for free (you pay for any pain medication they use, it's cheap). Like I said, this is a dentistry SCHOOL, so when you go in, I guess you judge for yourself if you want this person performing surgery on you. But it's free... Good Luck
    hey dude,
    hope your having fun in panama
    i m ight take you up on that snow making offer if your still offering
    shit dude have fun i hope shit works out, panamaaaa! will i get health insurance? haha im thinking bout hooking up with some conservation corps shit if i can. where you at right now?
    In case i miss you in the chatter box, glad to hear you are feelin' better. Keep busy and stay, or at least try to , out of trouble. I know, it's fun, but I AM a mom you know, lol...
    halarious. i just watched that part in the blues brothers and remembered that i had heard that somewhere. and managed to track it down here.
    Last time i caught you in that chat box, you were feeling rather shitty. You doing any better? just thought I'd ask...
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