Best areas in winter for travellers (1 Viewer)

Dec 6, 2014
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Estes Park, CO
I’ve been looking for places to go to after my job in Colorado ends in November. What are some travel friendly places in the southwest or other places you recommend being in the winter?
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Dec 8, 2017
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I have to agree , because of pot laws in cali, and the weather, I'm planning another tour on bicycle this coming winter Cali coast.gonna try out tourist spots, sale handmade stuff, and maybe vinyl press stickers and other types of travel related art.
Any bicycle can enter into Cali state parks for free.sites to see for free.
Weather is awesome then.clam chowder tasting on peers In tourist spots Down the coast.
You got jashua tree National forest.
Slab city
I hopped on train March 3rd bend Or.
Snow, north Cali in polomus nation forest along feather river, half a foot or more.
South of san fran I kept getting asked if was going to Alaska all the warm weather gear i had wearing shorts down there myself. Sweat. Sun
I maybe even goto down by the border and spit so i can say I left this country once
May 23, 2014
Current Location
East Bay
Southwest is good for winter climate, checkout san diego or cali coast. California economy is good if you want to work a bit. Sell your labor on craigs gigs. Meet up and squat where you can.

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sw desert. abq, tucson, bisbee, cruces...

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