Video What's the difference between a Hobo, tramp and homebum? (1 Viewer)

Oct 15, 2019
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There's various ideas and misconceptions about the traveling community or those who choose to be homeless and free from Corporate America. With this video I provide my perspective, dismissing the modern ideology that tends to categorize or group people into one.

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Mar 5, 2019
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Good video, simple, fantastic perspective, and you have a very comforting voice. Love the flange squeal in the background.

I am a hobo. Albeit part time, I work and I work hard, I ride trains and I ride hard. I do not ride trains to find work, but I let work and opportunities to help others find me while traveling. Sometimes for $$, but usually for free or trade. This keeps things mutual, I believe in self-reliance.

I'm no historian, but I believe the traditional American hobo died off in the 30's after the advent and subsequent affordability of the automobile. I think the culture since then has consisted of mostly folks who identify with traditional aspects of the American hobo lifestyle, in conjunction with other popular movements, beats, hippies, the punks, etc.

Obviously, there are exceptions to this that relate to huge economic disparities in our society, as there are still a handful of people who are literally forced to the rails out of survival, being the product of the system, and unfortunate life choices. These people do not identify as hobos or anything, it's more of a case by case thing. (Example, I just met an ex-MS13 gang member in Amarillo, who had just got off a coal train, I bought him a 40 at 8am. This was his 5th ride. We drank, he told me his story, we parted ways.)

Theres kind of a 4th component now to identifying train riders, and that is (dirty kids/oogles) but this label is fleeting as it only works for a certain age group. A lot of oogles I see age into full blown homebum-ness. This isn't judgement, it's simply observation as I have spent a lot of time with these people. When your priorities turn from getting place to place, and become getting drunk, high, and general stagnation, you have crossed the threshold into bum-ness, ie "wino."

I started this thread a while back,

Some similar things discussed there.

15293-jpg.53129_What's the difference between a Hobo, tramp and homebum?_People & Cultures_Squat the Planet_8:58 AM
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Aug 4, 2006
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It's not necessary to post multiple links to the same content in one post. Also those hashtags are considered to be kinda spammy.

I've removed the unnecessary content so it's just the embedded video and your text describing it.

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