Video Avoiding the Knock-Stealth Parking Tips and Tricks (1 Viewer)

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May 30, 2018
Current Location
Washington, DC
One tip I got about residential-city camping was to choose a neighborhood that had both really well manicured lawns/gardens AND bars on the windows. Meaning, the neighbors care a great deal about their environment but everyone is also "on guard".

I only chose one neighborhood in Los Angeles like this and kept it as my alternate spot, meaning I used it irregularly when my regular spots felt off or got blown up.


Sep 1, 2019
Current Location
New Jersey
This is an awesome video about the inner workings of rubber tramping. Making your vehicle blend in with the environment seems key in making it work long term and I love the tips about hard hat and random work documents on the dash.


Dec 11, 2016
Current Location
Cortez, Colorado
Good video....7 years never had a knock... maybe just lucky.... I look exactly like what I am doing. Where you park is a key. Avoid cities like San Diego where enforcement is rough and hang-out on BLM in the boonies. I don't work so I can do that. Act like a tourist on vacation...

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