New bus from Colton to Slab City for $6.25 (1 Viewer)

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For anyone that's riding freight to Colton or San Bernardino and trying to get as close as possible to Slab City, for as cheap as possible, with the least possible amount of hitching, here ya go:

Starting in May, there's a bus you can catch from either the DT San Bernardino bus station or the San Bernardino Metrolink station (BNSF transcon yard). It's operated by Sunline and goes to the Coachella Valley, specifically Indio at Flower St/ Highway 111. Total cost is $6.

When you get off, ask for a transfer. It's 25 cents. Take the 91 bus to Coachella. Transfer to the North shore bus. Now you are in the middle of nowhere by the Salton Sea, right on Highway 111 and nothing between you and Niland/ Slab City. Fucking nothing. 99 percent of people are driving to Niland. Use a "Slab City" or Niland sign or both and you will get a ride very quick. People who drive past you suck, that IS there destination or further. They know this, they know that you know this, they know that you know that they know that you know this. The amount of bullshit they can try is zero.

NOTE: Anyone immediately reading this, I will go back in the next day or so and edit in more detail but I'm on a smart phone and it's hard to multi task with bus schedules, etc.
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Dec 12, 2014
Ya, I can attest to this, pretty easy. However, if you want to get BACK to Colton and hitch back to the closest bus stop in North Shore, be careful of the dogs in that neighborhood.

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Is this a strictly summer bus? Seems like a useful route just going to/from LA potentially

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Is this a strictly summer bus? Seems like a useful route just going to/from LA potentially
No it's a regular bus. Not super useful for getting to/from LA though. To get from LA to San Bernardino is something ridiculous like $14!! Much cheaper just to get a greyhound from LA to Indio and hitch to Slab City.


Aug 23, 2018
thats cool, that last stretch from san bern to slabs has always been a bitch to hitch. Makes getting there alot easier.
For the adventerous I suggest bringing a fee days of food and water purification of some sort. Then from north shore find and follow the canal road directly into the slabs.

Also, if you take the buses from say venice to colton its only like 9 bucks, maybe less. Takes all fuckin day though.

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