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  • You should come park near me up on gilman there's a grind core show at the burnt ramen in a couple of days
    Is there seriously no anarcho-punk left in this whole traveler/,dropout culture anymore? Or ANY punks at all for that matter?
    To get far away from the terrifying music lol I felt like eric cartmen in that episode where he ran off all the hippies by playing slayer lol
    HaHa ! You should have barked at them just for shits. Ya do have a good point on the poser, hippie "days n daze" kids (especially here). Have you met up with your friend yet for those debated?
    Oh that anarcho-primitivist nihilist I planned on meeting here? Turns out he's out touring giving talks or seminars or whatever across the country and Canada, so no lol
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    Done with facebook, now ive come here to wreck everything and ruin your life. The fuck else is there to do?
    about the bitcoin video, if you don't like it you're more than welcome to leave. you don't know what the situation was behind that whole stupid thing, so please don't come here passing judgement. i am very nice and pretty much let everyone do whatever they want as long as it's within the website rules, just go to my profile, look at any post i've ever made on this site, and you'll see that's true.
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