Leaving Philly


Mar 17, 2011
hey all my names jim from pennsylvania...anyway i'm aiming to walk/freight hop towards the west coast, washington maybe with detours to the south, right now im in philly for st. patricks day and hoping to leave within a day or two, anyone in philly heading west or south that would like a travelling buddy please hit me up soon...

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Got a short ride to Salem. Still no room for standing or pulling over really on the I-5 pn ramp. Gonna try from the road that leads to the on ramp, across the Costco. Hoping to make it to Grant’s Pass or Ashland by tonight.
Spent the night in Tualatin. Both on ramps to the 5 near me had work and no room to stand or pull over. Gonna take the bus to Wilsonville, try my luck there.
Selling all my items should be on the rails in may any OG advice
last night got spare-change'd by someone with a crackstem in the same outstretched hand they wanted a coin in
Hittin the I-5 S. Union pacfic in a couple days. Hmu if anyones down the line an wants to smoke a joint an talk.
A digi-nomad's life for me?
Met a super sweet old traveler girl yesterday been off the road 6 months. So stoked on life right now
Amtrak crew change. Hiding from the bull

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