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  • howdy man! I don't know ya but am rollin east with some STP folks from the Jambo, hoping to roll into nola sometime later this week. What's good with your hostel? Still trying to get volunteers for a spot to crash? I'd be stoked to meet ya and see what ya got goin!
    hey there. i see a lots of post from you about Mexico here around. can you tell me more about free/cheap travels there? do you know anything about trainhopping in Hermosillo, Mazatlan?
    Spent a month in Mexico writing for a newspaper and staying at 4-star hotels for free. Heading west to Colton in 10 days. Texans holler.
    Right on, man. I'm debating between hitching around for a bit or just finding another job. Mexico City, eh? I had thought about catching a bus down there, or hell, even just a flight on Spirit airlines for like $70, and taking a bus to Oaxaca City and thumbing to Puerto Escondido, but I'm being lazy. Anyway, have fun man y cuidate. I'll be in ATX for a while. Hit me up if you want to grab a beer or something. Later
    hey buddy, did i meet you in philly this summer? I think we chilled in the parking lot of the chinatown bus station...you were headed to boston maybe? The bus got full and me you and my buddy got stuck there. You had a cute dog that i gave water, in exchange for fleas! haha. If so let me know, I've been looking to say hi to you again!
    haha no its like we have traded places. im in richmond now i used to be in fredericksburg lived like 15 minutes away from downtown and all that junk, good luck with the vaccums im trying to get one of the census jobs. gonna be in f'burg for the winter?
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