1. Inuyoujo

    Handbook of the Streets! Don't go hungry or naked in Twin Cities!

    The handbook is printed for '14 - '15 but it's still very useful! ::joyful:: Day and night shelters, places to get clothes, food shelves and soup kitchens. Even legal support and advocacy. The website and The Handbook via PDF. Good luck and safe travels, family! ::drinkingbuddy::
  2. ShittyMike

    Growing Food and Other Cool Stuff

    Hopefully this is the right board, I figure the topics are similar enough though Anyone have experience with growing plants or raising animals? If so I'd really like to hear about your thoughts on it. But first, some of mine... I took up gardening last summer for the shiggles of it and found...
  3. Joni

    Cooking with jerky

    so i found this new product that think is the most amazing thing. BACON JERKY!!! ahh man this stuff in awesome scrambled eggs and some veggies.... ahhh yeah... BLT on the fly would work too!! so morning eggs goies like this: powdered eggs - get this from camp supply, amazon squat, or a drop...
  4. Rolly Leonard

    Greetings From Georgia!

    hey guys my name is eli and currently i am in milledgeville georgia. i have been giving the vagabond lifestyle some very serious consideration (i have gone from georgia to cali and back earlier this year) and as of right now, the only thing holding me back is my girlfriend and lack of guidance...
  5. Inuyoujo

    Don't go hungry in Philly!

    This great resource map will help keep that tummy full! 1. Search for all needs in one place. There are many dedicated anti-hunger groups working to address these important issues in Philadelphia. This toolkit serves as a way to bring all of their resources together in one comprehensive...