1. Hash driveways

    Ride Offered Boobdockin in Denver

    So I’ll be boondockin and picking up a few odd jobs in Denver for some days while I wait for my partner to get back. Anyone need a ride around here? HMU and we can talk distance but hopin to find some not half bad travelin folk or punks to hang with while I’m here bored outta my mind
  2. beginnavagabond

    Looking for a road dog this summer

    Hey everyone, I will in Denver on June 5th and I will probably be leaving June 10th or later to SLC, Portland, and up to Washington, but I am flexible with where we go. I was wondering if there was someone with experience I could partner up with for a bit. I was travelling too comfortably...
  3. Landan S Frost

    Seeking Ride From Denver to asheville NC, need help

    Departing from: commerce city Denver colorado Destination:asheville NC or anywhere along the way Date range: asap! Please help me towards getting home, was brought to Colorado with no way back and the worst luck! Looking to get to get to NC or anywhere along the way, any help is appreciated
  4. EatMoreRoadKIll

    Ride Offered Driving back east to Asheville NC area June 24th

    Departing from: Colorado San Juan area Destination: Asheville NC Date range: Around June 24th About me: 31 M, been traveling, hopping freight,squatting etc since I was young. Out in Colorado volunteering at a retreat center till June, hitting a survival skills rendezvous in the area, then...
  5. Gypsybones

    heading to Denver

    Hey y'all, I'm heading up Denver way in a few days and I'm looking for folks to hook up with. Trying to find some temp work and artist community, cause I'm planning on being up there for a few weeks, maybe longer. So all help would be appreciated. Thank y'all
  6. Drippingingold

    Seeking Couch Need a place to hang out in Denver for the day

    21/m Stuck in Denver until I catch my ride 5am, mostly just need to occupy myself and leave my pack somewhere until then. Help is very appreciated, thanks!
  7. beginnavagabond

    Tips on Boulder to Portland

    I want to get to Portland and I am in Boulder right now and I was thinking going to Cheyenne and hitch on I-80 W. Is there a better way to get there? Have you done this route before? Let me know and thanks!
  8. CaptCook

    Seeking Ride Colorado to west coast for Nationals

    Hello everyone, I'm posting in the hopes that I find a ride before I hitch out in hopes of catching someone along my route who is willing to pick me up. I'm currently in the Denver area and will be hitching out the 15th taking 25-80 to Sacramento, then taking the 5 into Oregon. If anyone is...
  9. M

    Solo Female Hitching Den-SF

    So, I'm 18, and tired of mundane 9-5 societal life, and am ready to embark on a journey of spiritual growth, and personal freedom. I'm headed from Denver to San Francisco solo.. I'm semi-new to this, but am excited for something new. Debating if I want a road dog or if I can do it alone.. Any...
  10. Tank42

    In Denver for now, new to StP

    Hey there fellow travellers! I'm 32, male college graduate. I just recently left a nice apartment behind in the upper Midwest after a bad breakup and am now roughing it in Denver for the time being. I'm not tied down here, been just working allot through a day labor place. I'm saving up to...
  11. blumerang

    Seeking Ride Lawrence, Ks to Colorado

    Hi! I'm looking for a ride to Colorado. I'm willing to pitch in for gas, or food, w/e works. I get along with all people and all furry friends are A-Okay. Just starting my adventure, would be sweet to share the first chapter of it with ya. Else I'll try my thumb out...Best-Josh
  12. MoHank

    Denver-Portland-Sacramento-Las Vegas

    College age guy leaving on hitchhiking trip in a few weeks. Route is Denver-Portland, Portland-Sacramento (via 101) then Sacramento-Las Vegas. First timer here! Who's got tips? Spots along that route I need to hit? How long will this probably take? Anyone been to Bitterroot National Forest...
  13. syrinyx

    What is the hardest/scariest thing you've faced on the road?

    What's been your worst moment or biggest mistake or most painful decision or scariest hitch or most dangerous hike? Maybe a lost lover or solid dog? Keep it road related if possible. I want to hear about when you ran into a bear on accident and nearly shit your pants, not about your babushka...
  14. Jaygarrett

    Seeking Couch Crash till 15th -Denver

    I need a place to crash monday the 12th until the 15th. I can help out. Buy my own food. Waiting for check on the 15th then out.
  15. CaptCook

    Seeking Ride Denver to Topeka

    Last time I was in Topeka I left my hat. I'm really missing the damn thing so I'm making my way back in a week or so. Currently chilling at a friend's place in Castle Rock Colorado, ready to move on after I run into a few more people I wanna see before I leave the state. 1 kid, 1 pack, 1 dog...
  16. MoHank


    Hitchhiking Denver to LA. Who's done it? Tips? Suggestions? I am brand new to this. College age male traveling alone. -Thx
  17. Hanuman Jack

    Ride Offered Denver->Phoenix->SF

    met chill dude w rv lookin for few more folks w some gas $ or jugging skills. routed to phoenix then sf bound. cold front comin, here's yr shot 2 west & warmth. no drugs, 420 alright in state. tentative departure tomorrow 2/10.
  18. Matt Hatter

    Seeking Ride Denver to the Slabs!

    So I'm gonna be in Denver on Wednesday or Thursday and I'm going to be hitching my way over to the Slabs/SoCal area. I don't neeeed a ride, but a ride would be great and I could use the company! Just me, my pack, and my banjo! I'm a decent jugger; I can attempt busking if we need the cash; and...
  19. Matt Hatter

    Hi, this is my introduction

    My name is Matt, I'm 24 years old. I started traveling full time a little over a year ago. At this point I'm addicted. any time I settle down for too long I start to get that "itch" everyone talks about. Why fight it? I mostly hitchhike. It's simple and gets you where you need to go. I've hopped...
  20. Hoti Harrah

    Seeking Ride Lawrence, Ks, to Denver CO

    Hey folks, Ive been rolling on freight, hitchhiking from vermont down to denver, Struggling a little right now after some odd happenings yesterday. I suffered some heat exhaustion, went to the hospital, got accused of stealing a car by some cops, only to realize they had the wrong guy, then they...