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  • I would buy some if not all of Derrick's books and support him in his active effort if I had the cash-flow!
    There are lots of eBooks dealing with wilderness survival / hunting / gardening / foraging / living. I had at one time a collection of about 600 eBooks of the like.
    Also.. I use google earth a lot.. to see what sort of wild lands are around me.. and then go from there. And from there, to see if the land is for public use.. hiveranno mentioned a website called GIS that you can find out what the use of the land is for and who owns it sometimes. Whether it's public or not etc.

    I feel bad about not resisting as well.
    Let's blow some dams up.
    When it comes to finding land that's squat-table you may want to find and speak with a StP user named hiveranno, he's been very very helpful, friendly and informative to me regarding wilderness squatting. Make sure to also join this group here: http://squattheplanet.com/groups/wilderness-squatting/ Check out hiveranno's post there before deciding to pm him.
    Regarding information concerning wilderness squatting on the edge of cities, your best bet is to search for e-books on the topic. If you've a question more specific, I may be able to answer, so just shoot :)
    I've got Endgame vol. 1 I've yet to read it though.. Soon. I'm working on his book welcome to the machine but I am very interested in A language older than words.. Guess I'll have to buy a physical copy since I can't pirate it! I do love a physical copy of a book but I hate it at the same time. Did you see END:CIV yet? Documentary exploring the premises of endgame I think..
    You wouldn't happen to own an e-book of Derrick Jensen's A language older than words would you?
    If I were homosexual, (which I'm not) you would be my homosexual soul-mate.
    Alex Jones is a sensationalist fuck! He gets on my last NERVES. AGH! Just hearing his crumby little name... A lot of us know that 9/11 is complete bullshit! I've known since the day it happened sitting in my seventh grade English literature class. Just didn't sit well with me I suppose. I wasn't exactly mad about it until I got a wee bit older. Great taste in music man, hope to catch you around sometime.
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