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  • hey are you doing that pen pal thing? i wanna pen pal! i love getting mail and I'll find some random stuff to send 'cuz I gotta buncha stamps i found
    Sounds great man! I really dig it.
    I cannot wait to get my set up and start to make my own
    are yout he dude or the lady in that picture?
    if you're the guy, hey I know you! isn't your name mat or matty?
    this is ursula, we hung out a little bit in missoula and ashland a looong time ago.
    40 bucks? Damn son...that takes pretty good pics for 40 bucks. I might have to get one just for fun.

    But yeah I have mad filters for my cam. mostly special effects and color corrections. The photo's I have up here aren't photo-shopped. Alot of people ask me that. lol I've just been playing with different filters...finding out what works to get what results.
    Yeah....that's why I just basically make *tentative* traveling plans...cuz shit happens. Shit changes ya know? But good luck with that kid! I hope you have a good time and whatnot. If I leave NOLA before Halloween I'm def going back there for it! There is no where else better to spend my FAV holiday!

    That sucks about your old cam. My cam cost me 1200.00 and I would prolly concider stabbing someone over (well...maybe not literally) so yeah. It's ALWAYS with me. Even when my pack isn't. That's the price I pay for having what I have ya know? It's worth it!

    I'll check out what you listed though..I'm not familiar with it.

    Winter :)
    I've never been to Alaska. I hear it's beautiful. The cold wouldn't bother me much...I actually like cold weather.

    Thank you so much for the compliment on my photography! That means alot to me...that and music are my main passions...and I put ALOT of work into them. I'm using a Canon EOS 50D Digital SLR Camera. It has made all the difference in the world really. I use alot of filters as well.

    So where ya headed? I'm about to get outta here soon myself. NOLA is high up on my list for places to go.

    Your photo's were nice BTW. The *ferngully* picture is pretty. I also particuarly liked *Haunted* and *Stairway to Heaven* I started out taking pics with a not so professional set up and have worked my way up to what I have now. You've got a great eye for shots. :)
    got the package. thank you so much!!! i'm awed at all the awesome stuff. if theres anything else you need sent to you lemme know! i feel like i got the better side of the deal..
    take care sir!
    Hey! you look kinda familiar too. Although I havent been in grass valley for atleast 2 summers now. My ex is from Auburn which isnt to far from there so i've spent a lot of time in that area.
    ha i forgot all about that mp3 player! i'm glad you're still gettin good use out of it :) makes me happy to hear that. well i've never been to mutant fest...i've been living in hawaii for the past 10 months or so. i really like it here, but am ready for a change and can't wait to get back up there...soon as it thaws a bit more. and i will definitely hit up trapper creek - especially since blckbird raum is playin there.
    i gotta say that when i first met you in ashland, it was inspring hearing you play. i like your style of playing and your vocals. maybe i'll run into you at some point, and can learn a few things from you on guitar. maybe..we can find some inspiration for that next song......heh...i know how the winters can be there..hang on man, spring is almost here :)
    Hm. Stuck are you? Im pretty much going through the same thing, only im not waiting for any work. My boyfriends mom is moving to northern california and we promised to help. After that though, its back on the road. How long you plan on working for?
    so i received your money order yesterday, just thought i would let ya' know!
    Thakns man!!
    hey, thanks alot!
    No, i purchased it, i got the site for only $8 a year (I think).
    Im not too sure on the workings of it, a friend of mine is really computer smart and helped me out alot.
    But im sure it is not too hard end expensive to get one of yr' own
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