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Nov 4, 2018
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I awoke at around 7am in the basement of a house that my friend Tiff had been renting. It was almost cozy enough to fight off the call of another day on the road.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I super didn't want to take a fucking bus all the way to Las Vegas. I hit up Steve, and asked if he was still going down there, and I couldn't help but smile when my friend said "Of course!" I decided to eat the $20 bus ticket, and take up his offer to fill his passenger seat. I mean, a truck cab with two (2) comfy ass beds, a TV, company that I already appreciated, captain's chairs, and power outlets galore? Seems like a hell of an upgrade to me. I shouldered my pack, and began the two mile walk to the walmart we agreed to meet up at.

Sweaty, sunburnt, and stoked, I climbed into Steve's truck and was immediately greeted by the relief of good old fashioned air conditioning, as well as a proper greeting by Steve himself. As he started driving away, I took that opportunity to change into some dryer, less smelly clothes, and when I was done, I happily sat down in the comfiest chair probably fuckin' ever. Salt Lake was real sweet to me, but I was elated to make some miles again, and I waved goodbye to the mountains as we made our way out of town.



I asked if we could stop to check out the doggos, and Steve said no​

A little ways into the trip, I called my boyfriend Kyle, who offered to drive up from San Diego and meet me in Las Vegas. I let him know we were on our way, and that he should probably start driving in order to get there at about the same time as us. The rest of the drive was filled with conversations about sexuality, politics, the notions that make up a person, and general banter like that. As we were pulling into Vegas, the sun was getting lower in the sky, and when it finally came time to say goodbye to Steve, I immediately was able to say hello to Kyle in person again.

That's the best moment of long-distance relationships right there, and it always feels so perfect.


Hey, look! Water!​

Las Vegas was Las Vegas. The lights were pretty, the buildings were plastic, the people were so much, and everything had to be a fuckin' maze. Kyle brought his giant 60oz clear plastic leg to fill with some manner of frozen alcoholic drink, and I was to be the girl driving us home. After procuring a beverage that no one actually has any business drinking, we wandered the strip for a good long while, both of us complaining about how much of a farce the whole city is, and then immediately pointing to a lit up sign and screaming about how pretty the lights are. Sparkles, dude! That's how they get ya!

When it was finally time to drive home to San Diego, we stopped to fill up the tank and I grabbed some energy drink. Queueing up the longest playlists that I had at my disposal on my phone, I took us onto I-15 bound south, and started driving towards the ocean. I don't remember much of that drive, to be honest. It was dark, we were in the middle of nowhere for most of it, and I was tired as all fuck. I know that we stopped for some reason at a gas station, and switched out after Kyle had been asleep for some time, but I don't remember where that was. We made it home alright though, and as I stepped in the door, I was greeted by a warm hug from my other partner Ryan, who Kyle is married to. The three of us all climbed into Kyle's bed, and I fell asleep warm and cozy surrounded by two of my favorite people on the planet.


The next morning saw us goofin' off at the Denny's near their place, and I mentioned that I wanted to go swimming while I was here. Ryan mentioned that they heard of a nude beach that they'd been wanting to go to, and hearing that, I couldn't have been more excited. I've been wanting to go to a nude beach for years, and existing in land locked states since I turned 18 made it more than a little difficult for that to happen. We decided where we were headed, and gathered some beach things and headed for the shore. After parking and walking up to the trailhead that took us down to the sand, it finally hit me.


I did it. I made it to California. I'm here. A week ago I was stuck in Grand Junction practically scrambling to find a safe place to sleep, and here I was, staring at the great expanse of the Pacific Ocean, a love of mine that I've missed so dearly, and there I would be enveloped by her once again. It was a magical sight, and I couldn't help but cry at least a little bit.

The water was warm enough, and it took a lot for them to convince me to get out of the waves. I was smiling the whole day, and being naked in the ocean is an experience that I will never forget.


This is like the only picture from that beach I can post here. Whoops lol​

After our trip to the beach and a good, long shower, Ryan had to go host a trivia night at a bar near their apartment, which I eagerly tagged along to. I came in third that night on a team by myself, and my reward was a $10 bar tab. Unfortunately, that only bought me 1 drink, and soon enough it was time to head home. That night was spent drinking a bit more, watching silly shit on Netflix with my two partners, and then passing out in Ryan's bed, snuggling up to them as I dreamt of more gay shit. I made it to California, but the adventure wasn't over yet. San Diego still had one more surprise in store for me...
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