San Diego busking/stealth camping? (1 Viewer) Question 


Jun 4, 2021
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Hey guys,

getting ready to hit the road again after almost 10 years away.
I’m gonna be bike touring, stealth camping and busking.
I was thinking I’d head to San Diego, or the surrounding area (la jolla, del mar Encinitas, Carlsbad) sometime this winter.

Im wondering where the cool busking spots are in this area, as well as suggestions on legit stealth camping locations? I’ll have a bike and cargo trailers gear and a guitar with me.

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Dec 21, 2021
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San Diego
I'm vanning in Carlsbad, and it's super comfortable, but I'm not sure how great it would be for bike-camping. It could probably be very good. There's less foot traffic of crusty street people out here in the nice rich suburbs. I stayed in Point Loma for a week, and that was hard. There's a lot of street people there. The Starbucks nearby took most of chairs out of their lobbies and removed the electrical outlets - so recharging and internet surfing was not an option. Oceanbeach is a nice neighborhood with lots of crusty-punk looking kids, and lots of travelers. But it's hard to buy food there (the only grocery store is bougie-expensive). I imagine a lot of street kids are dumpster diving. There are some grocery stores a couple of miles away. There's one cafe that has internet and electricity access, and it's super cool. And it's got decent beaches, and a drum circle, and outdoor market.

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