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  1. superphoenix

    Looking for squats or v cheap rent for 2022/23 (Portland, Bay Area, Austin, NOLA)

    Ok y'all, I'm putting some feelers out on his early. I have this romantic Kerouac-esque plan to hitch across the country this spring, then set up home base in 4 cities I very much enjoy for a season each to experience something other than Brooklyn, where I've lived my whole life. Portland...
  2. Dustyboy313

    Austin musicians

    I'll be moving to Austin for a bit in August and am really trying to play music. I'm in my mid 20s and play bass. I've been in a few bands here in detroit and really enjoy punk and punk adjacent genres. I love the artsy fartsy side of punk Let's make music and play show or just jam I am down...
  3. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Video Austin TX Homeless Threaten Violence Against Police If Camping Ban Enforced

  4. Matt Derrick

    My guide to Austin, Texas

    Austin Texas is another one of those cities I never thought I would have spent as much time in as I have, but overall I'm glad I did. It's a great town overall that's easy to find work in, making it a great place to save up money between travels. Unfortunately there's not a lot of punks or other...
  5. spaceportdocker

    Austin to Dallas this weekend

    Anyone heading up to North Texas this weekend and coming through Austin? It's my Gma's 80th B-Day on Sunday and I really hope I can make it!! I know I know, a bus ticket is super cheap but I'm hella broke right now and can't really afford one so last-minute. I could definitely pay for lunch and...
  6. danidatx

    Austin Squat - seeking advice and interest

    Myself and a small group of folks are interested in putting together an intentional squat for rad/anarcho folks who want to do the damn thing! I am in search of legal advice specific to Texas, anyone with resources they can offer or have leads on, and folx who may want to help/participate in...
  7. D

    Looking for a new squat in east austin

    Currently squatting in east austin but i have reason to believe that my current squat may not be safe for much longer, if anyone knows any good area's or buildings in east austin preferably, because thats where i work , messgae me, gracias.
  8. PatAW


    I will be headed to Austin from michigan soon any advice about Austin TX would help thank you
  9. SoloDrifter1980

    Video Austin to Longview, TX. #freighttrainhopping

    After my visit in NOLA and other internal struggles I ended walking as far NW outta NOLA expecting to have to hike it all the way to the Flying J off interstate 10 but got a ride and saved my dogs from the last 19 miles, thanks to a caring family that gave me the chance. After a nights camp at...
  10. GrEeNegGs

    New and saying ello to all

    Thanks for the add guys ... Plan to be in Austin in a couple of days and need suggestions on where to urban camp, work trade, or communities with openings in the area please ... Feel free to hit me up with any questions about anything, though I have filled out some info on profile
  11. Ocean15

    Looking to get back to california from austin texas with my 2 dogs and cat need to hitch a ride asap

    Stranded in Austin Texas trying to find a ride back to San Diego California with my 2 small dogs and cat plus 2 suitcases
  12. Belcross

    Thoughts on Austin?

    I'm really thinking about packing up and heading out to Austin Texas but I'm not quite familiar with the area,I don't have a vehicle nor do I have a licenseso I'll pretty much be starting from nothing .can anybody give me personal experience about how easy it is to show up in austin with next to...
  13. Shwhiskey Gumimaci

    The Austin Squat Is Officially Dead

    So last year around this time @Matt Derrick @VikingAdventurer @sofarfromhome @EphemeralStick Anna and I all had a squat in Austin. We even had an STP Cribz video posted on here. I just came back to it yesterday and most of it is completely torn down and whats left was being torn down this...
  14. Blakeifer

    Hitching out of Austin, tx

    Hey guys and gals. I’m hitchin out of Austin tomorrow to Odessa,Texas. I have a friend who can drive down and pick us up once we get to Sheffield, Tx right off 10. Probably spend a few days then head on to Cali or Colorado, anywhere really. Any body up to tag along?
  15. PrisMiQue

    Back in Austin TX after about 8 or so yrs...

    I’m traveling and staying in Austin Texas until Saturday 3-3 I remember this hill that was wrapped by a sidewalk that had a pretty dope view of the city but can’t remember how to get there. Anyone know?? Going to head to Barton springs tomorrow! would like to check out that hill before I dip...
  16. G

    News & Blogs Lessons from Texas

    Back in January of 2017, I got a $1,000 from a car accident. Since I was bored I decided to hit Texas for the sheer joy of it. Life was short and I wanted to have found memories before I die. Thus I began my week and a half trip with a grand in my pocket. No civilization works for free. People...
  17. sofarfromhome

    I guess I live here now (Austin)

    I only ever started traveling to find somewhere I would enjoy settling down in, and Austin is that place. I love the scene and my dog really likes it here, so I figure I'll give it a shot. Went to middle and high school out here and I come back whenever I can as an adult, and this time coming...
  18. Coywolf

    Photos Quartzsite > Austin > Roswell > ABQ > Flagstaff > Colorado > Moab in pictures

    Not really a story, just some pics! :D So off i go. The RTR was great, and i met a lot of great fucking people, but i had been there for 2 weeks and after my phone getting stolen out of my truck, i thought it was about time to shove-off. RTR morning briefing Ad from Tina "Where the fuck am i...
  19. SpeedyAndSpark

    Photos Albuquerque, Austin, Moab info needed

    Anyone know good spots to set up without getting hassled in Albuquerque NM, Austin TX, and Moab UT? Truck with camper Sent from my iPhone using Squat the Planet Mobile
  20. Matt Derrick

    Video My podcast interview with Cake or Death Radio

    Hey folks, just wanted to let you all know about this interview I did with the Cake or Death Radio podcast. Melanie and her partner drove all the way up from San Antonio to meet up with me in Austin, Texas to chat a bit about the Squat the Planet website, my background, and my personal...