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  • Hey friend... I'll be in Austin soon. You around? We should explore cemeteries and drink JOOSE again! Hope yer good. Cheers!
    are you still in Austin? I just got here
    did I meat you in san fran cisco? back In umn ... pre june or july ... you were fixing a car for someone I think? Just wondering you look familar /
    come to columbus I don't feel like hitchhiking up there!!! I'll be here for awhile yet...let me know if yer going to that skatopia thing and happen to be coming through this area and happen to have space for another person! otherwise I'm just chillin' here being bored....blah!
    so im at a spot where i could afford those earrings, if you'd like to send a hook first to see if my ear would react to it, then i would pay for the shipping overall in the end, or if you just want to buy nickel free ones, either way im down. you could make the pabst ones and if i really dig em then ill send the caps i like and get another pair. would that be cool? let me know, i'll PM you my address.
    Oh I can hardly wait, hope you sen tit regular mail, it'll be here when I get home, LOL.... I can hardly wait...Oh, and Johnny you rock the fuckin' cassbah (just saw that I had posted my cell number, fixed it, lol..)
    HEY stud, you still in here or not. It says you are, but I bet you passed out at the keys, huh... Did the pkg get there today? Ahhhh, I know what happened it got there and you went tot he beer store huh, lol....Tsk tsk tsk...Laters
    peekin at pix in a sec, here's the number,, and don't forget the heavy breathin' ok,,,wink,
    (oops, I edited this cuz my digits were here, lol ugh... Posting cell #s in the open, it's like walking to the bus in yur under britches, lol)
    Oh, yes, would love to see it when you are done...Hey, make sure you drunk call me whne the money gets there ok
    Sent the duckets about 3 hours ago, along with a couple patches i made...Enjoy and it shoudl be there by Saturday...
    Would appreciate it if you would post your info in the Regional Section of the new Waystations Thread. Thanx!
    Hey stud, how was your day? Friday is almost here. I'll be off line from Saturday late till after 8 pm Monday. Going to D-Feet's for the weekend...haulin' the youngin' with me this time, so no (or VERY LITTLE) drinkin' for me, lol...Possibly bringing a passenger back up too...Looks like I may have to add I-5 taxi to my list of availables at my waystation, lol
    Hey there stud, you do what ever you want with that bone, I told ya, I trust your judgment. If you end up not using the jaw, you can either send it back or keep it. Again, up to you...Just glad that I will be getting a John1158 one of a kind piece soon, lol, Luv ya
    Whats the wurd nerd? What sort of weather do you have out there lately? I know that South Dakota is a bit away form ya, but I see all the kaos out there and can't help but worry 'bout ya...let me know if you are still alive ok or at least not frozen or flooded, ha ha ha,,, (it's the momness, sory, lol )
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