1. Matt Derrick

    Video News & Blogs Living in a Lotus Belle Tent

    I'm reposting this because I've always wanted to live in one of these tents, I've even priced them and they're fairly reasonable (as low as $750, not including the deck) so it was cool to see this video on youtube about it, through which i found the article. I think I might even keep one of...
  2. blumerang

    Tent vs Hammock? Amry vs Hiking Backpack?

    Hey Everyone, was wondering if any of you had strong recommendations either way regarding both tents vs hammocks and army vs hiking backpacks? I'll be hitching/ridesharing and camping mostly. Will be hiking ALOT and plan on months of travel as I want to experience the Rockies. I've already...
  3. Whereamiwhatdoido

    Freestyle BivySack

    Thought I'd share this whit you guys, if anybody's into hiking or being lightweight this is a great idea! Basically it's a Backpack - waterproof and all, with a build in Bivy to sprout right out its opening! Though a bit pricey I think it's a brilliant idea, and it's made by a traveller!
  4. Matt Derrick

    Video DIY Tarp Shelter | Desert Camping

    @HippieGangster's improvised shelter while squatting in Southern Utah: