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Oct 24, 2011
Anyone have any suggestions for a decent not too expensive brand of tents? I been looking for a one person tent that's not over 5 lbs, durable 3 or 4 season, big enough to accommodate my pack and in an inconspicuous colour, nothing neon yellow or whatever. I was thinking about going with a catoma one.

I saw one that seemed ok, it has a rainfly that covers the tent and extends outward on the side so you can stash stuff under it like a pack or whatever. The downside is that it's 200 bucks and I'm too cheap and broke to spend that much, so I wanna find something good and cheaper than that, can anyone help out?
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Mar 11, 2009
Providence, United States
tarps are sweet. an 8'x'10' tarp is light enough and can fit 4 people and a couple dogs as well. silnylon tarps weigh nothing and are awesome. integral designs makes a really good one called the siltarp 2. downside is that they're expensive, unless you can get one for free (they're small enough to fit in a pocket). silnylon tarps keep you dry as long as they're not touching you cause moisture sorta builds up on the sides, though it doesn't drip onto you. a regular tarp is useful for keeping rain off you on trains or wherever else. you can set a tarp up in between two trees, or in between two solid sticks with guy lines. most people use one guy line for each stick/pole, but i use 2 cause i find it makes the tarp really solid and able to withstand pretty crazy storms/wind.




Jul 3, 2011
Thanks for the responses, I think I'm going to just get the coleman.
Colemans are cheap for a reason, FYI.

If you're in it for the cheapness, I'd really suggest travelling with a light tarp, like ghostsymposium said.

You're also going to need some badass boots and many many wool socks. But, that's another story...


Jul 8, 2012
Search craigslist. I got a great 2-man backpacking tunnel tent that packs extremely small and only uses two poles. The fly is integrated into the tent design, so it's kind of like a single wall tent, but you can roll it up so its just the no see um mesh. It's an old sierra west tent, they don't make em anymore. Only problem with this tent design is that it must be staked down in order for the structure to hold itself up


Aug 9, 2012

this is what im using its a nice $20 ozark trail 2 man tent. it can stand mild rain but it soaks through slightly. if yer around alot of bad weather dont rely on cheap tent. i like the idea of tarp better imo.
Jul 19, 2009
East TN
I too have used the above Ozark Trail tent for about 8 summer seasons now. Shows no signs of damage of need of repair. But I take care to dry it out and put it away properly. Use a tarp with the tent also. I use one as a "shade porch" and then as a extra tent cover in heavy rains. Works well together.

Desperado Deluxe

Apr 20, 2010
eureka tents r da shit. They produce tents for the military. I have a eureka spitfire 1 person tent its a pale green color weighs a lil over 2 lbs and i can stuff it in the big middle bottom pocket on the outside of my alice pack. I got it at a thrift store for $40 originally its about 100 or 120$. I like tents cuz they keep u warmer than a tarp would and u dont need trees for it. Tho i still carry a tarp. They got those lightweight tarps that fold up small enuf to put in ur pocket at walmart for $10. Ive seen other 1 person tents in other stores for about 30 40$ dunno how good they r tho..

Eli Whitney

Sep 19, 2012
Stashed my Eureka and eno hammock on an ocean side cliff in Arcata last spring then left town unexpectedly stupid me.


I deleted myself
I'm on the hunt for some shelter while i'm on the roads of Oz, here in Australia we don't have tarp tents well not what iv'e seen anyway, all we have are tents and swags. I need something light weight and not overly big as a lot of nights will be spent sleeping on the sides of roads and some roads here in Australia there in not much room from the road to the fence line that is there from the local farm. A single man tent would be good but I get worried that I might get caught out some nights and not have room to set it up on the side of the road. Iv'e heard of bivy sacks would this be something worth looking into? I'm a little unsure what to do.

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