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Dead horse

Aug 14, 2011
So I'm in southern Ontario here after finishing a good ten months of traveling Canada when a friend of mine that I'd been on the road out west a bit runs into me and decided to stay at another friends place. At first things were green light to stay on this guys couch so we started flying the shit out of signs and buying up gaming consoles, a flat screen and all that shit you need to pass the time during the winter months in the colder regions when out of nowhere the "guy" who's couch were were surfing is like "I'm going to Alberta for a couple months you guys got till the end of the month to get out". So right away I'm like "fuck" might as well go to Vancouver where its milder when my traveling/couch surfing friend is like "I'm going to get my tent and a eliminator power pack i can charge and live in the woods with a block heater" and I'm like "dude man its too fucking cold for that shit" so to not leave my friend hanging we've formulated a plan and started flying the shit out of our "hungry hungry hobo" signs to pocket the cash for a couple Canadian military arctic tents with wood burning stoves, we're figuring on getting those and a gas generator used online somewhere, digging a a hole in the ground and lining it with wood to keep it off the ground , then trenching holes for the power chords to each tent (figuring that having the generator a couple feet down will minimize sound) and only using it when we need to charge out laptops and or possible a couple block heaters in case of emergency. Now a couple prepaid mobile internet sticks, some hay layed out on the ground after digging down a couple of feet inside the tent set up (more room to stand) and store wood for the stoves.

I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that has experience with this or could toss an idea around or two, I'm figuring once the spring hits on packing up camp and carefully burying all the gear and equipment in a safe easily remembered spot were we can pull it out and use it again next winter.

Let me know your thoughts and thanks for taking the time to read and of course remember, you can't drink the water if its frozen so stay warm this winter everyone ;)
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Feb 11, 2010
planet x
sounds like a plan to me. You might want to insulate the tent with wool blankets or open cell poly foam on the inside, and reflective space blankets on top of that, to reflect heat back into the shelter. Take special care to seal up the space where the the tent reaches the ground, since this is where cold air likes to creep in. You can build an elevated circle of dirt or snow around your tent to act as a barrier for cold air. Cold air sinks, so if you dig a shallow ditch in front of your door, followed by a foot-high barrier, it will trap cold air and keep it from entering your shelter. A door that is about a foot off the ground will achieve the same thing. Might be a good idea to set up a poly tarp around the outside of the tent to offer some extra protection from the wind.

These guys have done something similar in Russia. On page 9 or 10 they have pictures of a partially buried log cabin that they constructed out of natural materials. On the bottom of the first page it shows some pics of it being built.

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