Poncho Tent (1 Viewer)

Ash Ludd

Jan 11, 2012
Piscataway, United States
Hey folks, I came across this guide and thought it was a really cool idea. http://www.alpharubicon.com/prepinfo/ponchotent.htm

I got fed up of lugging my normal tent around. More often than not we find people are willing to have us stay in their house or squat or whatever or the weather is good enough to sleep under the stars. This is more practical to carry round and use when we’re sleeping out and there’s a chance of rain. I haven't tested it out yet, I only just put it together, but hopefully it'll work well enough.
I prefer having tent poles rather than just some cord to make an A frame because I like to be versatile and able to sleep where there might not be trees or whatever.

I'm sure some of you have already done this or seen it but just thought I'd share for those that haven't.

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Tick Dickler

I deleted myself
thats smart.

just a question because i dont think it deserves its own thread:
am i the only one who just lays the tarp over my bag like a blanket when theres no trees etc around?


Dec 21, 2007
Steubenville, United States
thats smart.

just a question because i dont think it deserves its own thread:
am i the only one who just lays the tarp over my bag like a blanket when theres no trees etc around?
Just don't do that when there is the possibility of rain followed by a freeze. Someone did that years ago ( can't remember if it was at Yellowstone or Yosemite) their plastic tarp froze over them and suffocated them.
Aug 22, 2011
Westernville, NY
Just found this "alpha tent" as well.... probably the coolest shelter possibility I've seen, I just got my tarp jacked and I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on this one. And grab a liner as well, for a summer blanket. Any reports on how it worked for you OP?

Hobo Mud

Nov 25, 2015
Columbia, Tennessee
That actually seems like a practical idea. I have not carried a tent around in over three years. I personally don't like tents for a number of reasons, one of many is due to the weight and condensation factors.

I always use my tarp most lf the time however I have seriously been giving it alot of consideration to carry another tent around again. May give this product a chance. Appreciate the information.

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