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May 17, 2013
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North Western Ontario
I'm thinking of doing some winter camping outside, just wondering what kinda tent I should use, ( like a specific brand, type). Also gonna be doing some squatting and if super cold, possibily stay at a shelter house. Looking for something affordable or to make do with untill I find or save up enough money for a good quality tent meant for winter camping in the moutains :) Anything you people recommend in regards to this? please include the type of tent and any other details. Thanks so much :)
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Aug 20, 2014
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I was watching a survival video and this man used a tarp and a space blanket and a good sleeping bag and kept a fire going next to him. I also read in a magazine a about a man who did the same thing and about a mile or 2 away from him these two people who had a tent froze to death.


Feb 3, 2013
Current Location
High rockies colorado
I am wondering the same thing.i have a massive 2 dome tent that joins together.made by coleman.during my really cold nights i turn on my colman stove and vent my windows...but mostly i use a penny stove for heat...i reccomend using 90% or higher denatured alch..cause anything shy of moonshine just takes to long to prime in a cold planning on taking my skillz to colorado and just wondering because here in tn where its cold but not set up is adaquate...but once i get to high altitude and my tent gets covered in snow and im all cozy in my hobbit hole of a existance....i dont know if adequate ventilation is available and i dont know if id stay dry due to thermal heat radiating off my Im tuned in..

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