In Cleveland, looking for travelers and kids

Oct 16, 2016
Current Location
Saco, MN
99% 0% 0%
Me and my road dog are currently in Cleveland Ohio trying to find travelers and other kids for information on the best way to leave. Heading south towards Austin Texas. Any areas we should look or suggestions on leaving? Hitching or hopping it doesn't matter. Let me know.

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dumpsternavel wrote on Depresso's profile.
You in philly??
It's so funny seeing people all dressed up for court and I'm just here in my ripped up jean shorts and dirty t-shirt
Anything can happen couchsurfing. Including getting sick or injured.
Started working @ humane society today. Love taking care of critters. Hope they let me stay after running mandatory credit check. Wtf.
Looks like I should be hitting the road after the first of September. Will be nice to take time for myself finally.
yet another great sunrise at coney island in brooklyn, ny!
In Eugene... where can we meet people?