Possible Serial Killer Christian Older Couple Shooting Street Kids


Rox Starr Baby

I know this sounds way crazy. It is! I promise it is also very REAL!!!!

I-25 from Trinidad Colorado to Las Vegas New Mexico

I was traveling through with my boyfriend when a fight broke is up. It was four days later when he contacted me to get his gear. He went with this elderly Christian couple who promised to show him a better life with God... Okay whatever.

but then, I get the weirdest voice mail from my ex begging for help, saying it was urgent, pleading for me to pick up the phone, claiming he still loved me.

when I called the number back a guy named Harvey said he had to punch my ex in the face for lying about using the phone. Claimed he drove him to Las Vegas and left him. This was seven weeks ago. No one has heard from my ex since that last voice mail

Since then I have been trying to find a trace of what happened...

I found out, Harvey is a registered sex offender. A Christian. He is about fifty years old. Has white hair and a white beard. He is stalky in build maybe 5'6" around 210lbs.

He is already under police investigation for unrelated events. The police closed the case about my ex saying he probably just doesn't want to talk to me any more.

I also was able to get information from the local dog shelter about Harvey, (suspect.) He has been ditching "stray" dogs since September of this year (2015) I have been volunteering there to walk the dogs and a large portion of them respond to street commands such as dog out.

A friend told me her friend has traveler son who just shot himself in the head in Mesa but they suspected elderly couple, police refused to investigate.

If you were to believe that each surrendered dog had one or two missing humans we are looking at a very scary situation.

Please beware elderly man/couple may be offering food, cash, shelter, free tv, God, traveling evangilism. May be armed.

I care for my ex. But also I care this is happening right here right now. And I seem to be the only one who knows or cares.

I could use help putting this serial killer/kidnapper away. Please migrate this way if you can help, please use caution. Extremely dangerous and may be bigger than just this couple.

we bums are people too! And I want justice for the ones who took my bum from this earth. I want to still believe he is alive but six weeks seems a long time.

Rox Starr Baby

What makes you think they're shooting people?

I hope your ex is ok.
another traveler was found shot with a suicide note. He had been staying with this same couple. The police refused to dig further when his parents said they didn't believe there son to be suicidal. Police said homeless people do drugs and alcohol and are unstable. Case closed. This was before my ex went missing. I learned through my investagation

Rox Starr Baby

to post more accurately my ex and I got in the fight on Nov 3rd, he got his gear and went with Christian couple on Nov 6th the voicemail was left on Nov 9th. It was three voicemails, one that I mentioned previously. Second whispering "please pick up the phone" desperate scary sounding. Third was hang up. All from same number all in five min window.
police closed investigation Dec. 3rd.

I stopped traveling Nov. 9th. Rented a place to live in the town I saw him last. Joined weird Christian couples church (now they stopped attending due to my presence) I got a job at local animal shelter.travel up and down the 25 asking everyone I can for help or information.

I know this seems crazy. I guess that's why I have to be the one to investigate. Crazy or not this man belongs behind bars. I hope and pray my ex is fine. I hope and pray this man Harvey is not a serial killer/kidnapper.


Are there any articles/news on this? Even if it's just about the individuals themselves. Fucked up that cops aren't doing anything about it, just as fucked up that I probably wouldn't have heard about any of this if it weren't for this post.

Deleted member 125

unfortunetly im not surprised if police were unresponsive to the person found with a suicide note, big shock that the authorities arnt concerned with just another dead bum huh?

i hope yer ex is ok and my advice would be to get in touch with the police and ask to speak to a detective. if the person is a registered sex offender it would help push the case farther up the ladder because that kind of shit makes news pretty fast (faster then say...a homeless youth kidnapped). nows not the time to become batman and try investigating this yerself, if these people are infact dangerous sex offenders/kidnappers/killers it might be time to let the professional sex offenders/kidnappers/killers (cops) do their job for once.

Rox Starr Baby

I do not know of any news articles.

as for letting cops do the investigations I strongly agree. They how ever think they already did. Closed the case.

I give a fuck. About my ex yes, but more so, we don't have lives of luxury. It's rough enough without Christian do gooders killing bums!

I keep getting responses from community and church members that people choose the lives that take them out and that I need to leave this alone.

that just makes me need to dig deeper. This is really creepy. I am not afraid of death, I am afraid we are able to silently be murdered/kidnapped and no one cares. I mean WOW

Rox Starr Baby


Rox Starr Baby

found this on national sex offender search. It is public information so I figure I can repost it, I hope I'm right because this is the actual warning ⚠ we need.

Harvey G Plunk

that is the last person to see my ex. That's who's phone I called when returning my exs scary voicemails. That's who was holding a teddy bear at a stop sign. That's who has been dumping dogs at local animal shelter. That's who claimed to have punched my ex in the face for lying.

Harvey plunk

beware of this man

this man may be extremely dangerous and targeting travelers/dirty kids/bums

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