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  • same shit, different day. trying to keep myself busy so i dont go crazy. waiting til may and im going up to nyc with some friends. coming back for nc rising the last weekend in may and then making my way to the west coast. whoever said "an idle mind is the devils workshop" knew what they were talking about...
    hey dude, i saw on your post that you know lurch and johnny. well, im trying really really really hard to get in contact with them because they have my cat, biscuits. i was just wondering if you knew which direction they were headed or if you had either of their phone #, email, myspace, anything?
    shoot me a line back dude. thank you!
    In point loma/ ocean beach area. i live right off of the 8 by sports arena blvd, midway, and west point loma ave. i'm going to be walking around newport blvd tonight. can you call or text me when you get here? we should figure out where/when to meet up
    hey are you in SD yet? we should hang out if you are
    if you have a phone my number is 507 351 8178
    Last time I was in san luis some dude bought me and this kid squirrel a meal at dennys, and we slept behind the dumpster. Im leaving the midwest and heading west here in like a week and a half.
    No thats not me lol it's Harry Haywire Mclintock the dude who wrote " big rock candy mountain " and alot of other hobo songs , i know it's a damn nice lookin guitar i wish i had it , i generally play bluegrass and old timey music , as well as some blues , and ragtime .
    Not on the road sadly but im planning on leaving soon , as for hobbies i like to play guitar , and like to write , oh and also i like researching history and stuff .
    go to ravelry.com they have the besssssst site for looking up patterns for exactly what you have and what you want and you can look for 'easy' patterns so it will work out :)

    it's alright here, i haven't explored too much yet and last time i was here was a failure aside from seeing the friend i'm seeing now. but maybe when it warms up this week i'll go exploring the better part of downtown...i hear there is a punk scene here to sooooo i don't know. man i really hope she'll be ready to go after this surgery, she's too good to be immobile!
    I'm actually in Columbia now at a friends house and they have the super sweet dog. I just went up the street to this gas station/waffle house, sat down outside, and some black guy bought me food and then these homely looking contructions guys in the booth next to me gave me a pack of smokes so I'm pretty content now.

    Crocheting is a lot easier in my opinion and I like it :) I'm not even sure what Im making yet but maybe I'll make a hooded scarf the color of chroooonicccc. Where you at now?
    ironically, i'm getting down with crocheting :) and drinking strong coffee with a beautiful sweet dog in my lap. it's cute man.
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