east coast

  1. Spooky Biscuits

    Winter spots that are warm and have work.

    There's another thread, but everybody in it seems to crash at their parents places. I'm looking for actual squatter friendly areas in the US, hopefully find work as well.
  2. Trooper

    Appalachian Mountian Hobos

    I've never been further east of Nevada but the place that interests me the most is the Appalachian Mountains. The green, the people, the music, seems like a cool place to roll through. Anyone ever been? What is the hopping like over there? Any good stories to tell?
  3. croc

    Maybe I'm romanticizing the lifestyle and won't last... Only one way to find out

    Hey folks, I'm Lyle, 22 from the east coast of FL. I've been dreaming of getting rid of all my shit and leaving my starchly white, republican hometown for years now. So while I've been looking for someone else to travel with, I've taken to researching everything I can. Made this account a few...
  4. elliemichele

    Hey guys, first time female traveler here.

    Hey everyone, it's always been a dream of mine to travel without a car etc. Decided it's (finally) time to leave. Always been interested in trains and hitchhiking since I was a kid. I'm leaving from North East Pennsylvania, I'm hoping to end up somewhere in the west. Any advice/tips is...
  5. trickdaley

    Canoe or Kayak?

    I'm planning a LONG distance trip via either a canoe or kayak - along the intracoastal on the East Coast. Does anyone know the pros and cons to both? Which is quicker? More stable? Any opinions on which I should choose?