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  • Got a ride to Oxnard! Looks like I’ll spend the night there.
    Rhubarb Dwyer
    Rhubarb Dwyer
    If you have the time and flexibility, take the 126 east. It's a gorgeous ride through small towns and farms. It's the last greenery before it dumps off into Santa Clarita.
    Man, you have really cover d a lot of ground in a short time.
    King City on ramps be deader than doornails. Gonna bus it to San Luis Obispo soon, hope to get to LA by day’s end.
    On the final stretch to L.A. On an on ramp to the 80 towards San Fran and NO ONE is stopping lol. May have to bite the bullet and get a Capitol Corridor or Amtrak.
    Taming the Tiger
    Taming the Tiger
    I was happily able to avoid Amtrak all the way up until now. Fucking NOBODY on that 80 onramp even considered me: worst hitching spot on my trip by far. So I’m getting the train to Richmond then taking transit as far south on the 101 as I can.
    Still have some light to catch a ride but it looks like I’ll be spending the night in Dunsmuir. Hope to get to Chico tomorrow.
    Short ride to Albany. Hopefully I get longer ones from there.
    Rhubarb Dwyer
    Rhubarb Dwyer
    Albany has more bum feeds within a couple miles from each other than anywhere I've ever been
    Taming the Tiger
    Taming the Tiger
    I got dropped off at a rest stop just before Albany but if I have to spend the night I may hit one of those up for breakfast. Any you recommend?
    Got a short ride to Salem. Still no room for standing or pulling over really on the I-5 pn ramp. Gonna try from the road that leads to the on ramp, across the Costco. Hoping to make it to Grant’s Pass or Ashland by tonight.
    Spent the night in Tualatin. Both on ramps to the 5 near me had work and no room to stand or pull over. Gonna take the bus to Wilsonville, try my luck there.
    No one was pulling over in Arcata. Took a bus to Crescent City. Hoping to get to Oregon by tonight.
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    When I was there, I got front-followed for a good stretch by a tweaker girl on a bike; on the flip side, an attractive woman randomly pulled over and invited me to a cooking class. Crescent City: weird fuckin' town.
    Taming the Tiger
    Taming the Tiger
    Lol. The pastor who gave me a ride said there are four separate camps of homeless, many of whom are tweakers, who don’t get along. She said it has the highest homeless per capita in California.
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