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san diego

  1. Tobiko

    Che Cafe, San Diego area (free food fridge/charge phone/radical space)

    Hiii! Che Cafe ( http://thechecafe.blogspot.com/ ) on UCSD campus has a free food fridge and so much more (more info at that link). Space is open for all Mon - Fri 12PM-7PM. there is a piano, electric guitar and drumset for use! also a free book exchange, button making supplies, and Zine...
  2. Mike Hancho

    Colorado -> San Diego

    Hey Everyone, just signed up today! I'm an artist living in Lakewood CO and moving to San Diego come July. I'm looking to learn more about urbex and link up with some peeps. Planning to be active on this forum and soak up as much as I can. Looking forward to making some connections! Cheers
  3. Jim

    Round Two: from LA to San Diego

    Waking up to the sunrise over LA was something else. Spending the night in a bush was worth it. I left that day, after spending some time at a laundromat and getting everything washed. Then I took a bus to Redondo and spent a night there, then San Pedro, then Long Beach. Right now I'm on a...
  4. wizardclare05

    Driving Philadelphia to San Diego or SF

    heyo driving from Philadelphia to west coast around december 1st. Would love to help anyone out who would want to come any part of the trip. Would love to meet some other travel lurker ladies/nb peoples !
  5. BearFoot89

    Question San Diego busking/stealth camping?

    Hey guys, getting ready to hit the road again after almost 10 years away. I’m gonna be bike touring, stealth camping and busking. I was thinking I’d head to San Diego, or the surrounding area (la jolla, del mar Encinitas, Carlsbad) sometime this winter. Im wondering where the cool busking...
  6. RavenOnTheNethervoid

    News & Blogs [cw] RIP in San Diego: 3 dead, more injured, camping in tunnel

    [cw] https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/public-safety/story/2021-03-15/police-8-to-10-people-hit-by-car-near-san-diego-city-college
  7. marmar

    san diego camp/park suggestions?

    heya all, its been a while since i posted about anything on here. anyways, looking for info /suggestions on san diego, never been down there but want to go to the beach and sleep out of the back of my truck or tent somewhere and learn to surf. im sure its been burnt out since like 50s for such...
  8. ScumRag

    Cameron Loren - San Diego home bum RIP

    San Diego police are offering a reward for help finding the hit-and-run driver who killed a skateboarder in Ocean Beach last month. Cameron Loren, 25, was skating in the middle of Voltaire Street between Bolinas and Soto streets at about 10:30 on the night of Thursday, June 4, when a car headed...
  9. Kentucky walker

    Converted van for sale San Diego

    So I have a friend who is coming out of van life and have a converted working can for sale in San Diego. If anyone is interested please hit me up. it's 3500$...
  10. Honey Crust

    Photos Hitchin' Denver to California: What Could Go Wrong? (Pt. 5)

    I awoke at around 7am in the basement of a house that my friend Tiff had been renting. It was almost cozy enough to fight off the call of another day on the road. Almost. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I super didn't want to take a fucking bus all the way to Las Vegas. I...
  11. EmmaAintDead

    Photos Ty Helie - San Diego, PHX, Colorado Springs

    This cat physically and sexually abuses people. Hangs with folk punk and crusty crowds. Last seen in Phoenix as of April 11, 2019 These are from a dear friend of mine. Not my own first hand account. Most recent available image of Ty attached. Travels with a black and white dog. Recently passed...
  12. ScumRag

    Vaccinations good or government 'spiracy? Lessons from San Diego

    So the story goes in SD that the reluctance to get vaccinated was blamed on (basically what they're saying) "paranoid homeless people". Not necessarily quality journalism but i digress. I take the vaccinations when shit get serious https://www.apnews.com/cc40b8c476ef469ebdc2228772176b03...
  13. ScumRag

    News & Blogs Douchebag "vigilantes" on the lose in San Diego

    www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2018/dec/17/stringers-rooftop-camps-pb/%3famp&page=all NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS PACIFIC BEACH Vigilantes root out rooftop camps on Garnet Ladder behind the 7-Eleven was the clue "Sanitary conditions are pretty bad." By Delinda Lombardo Dec. 17, 2018 Residents and...
  14. Robie

    Vehicle repairs in San Diego

    If anyone needs some vehicle repair for a good price let me know. I met this guy through a friend. He knows what he's doing, and wont kill you for labor costs. Hes not going to rebuild your engine however, he will do most emergent repairs. For obvious reasons Im not going to post his info here...
  15. ScumRag

    Event San Diego Zine Festival 2018

    Pretty much self-explanatory... But still: Sept 29 & 30th @ Bread + Salt, Barrio Logan... http://www.sandiegozinefest.com/2018/ Free admin, workshops + seminars
  16. Railfan David

    Bay Area to San Diego. Tips?

    So, I've been pretty lazy and stuck around the Bay longer than I intended, but I've gotta bounce. Probably taking off tomorrow. Any tips? Places I should stop by? Places to avoid? Easiest way to GTFO of LA if I get dropped there? I don't really need any advice on getting out of the Bay (I'm...
  17. ScumRag

    Hello from San Diego

    Expat SFer here, not really enjoying SD but taking some of the tricks i learned up in SF. Work with FNB and various other traveller friendly orgs...kinda spinning my wheels down here it feels like...looking to get up and going again in the next 6 mos or so
  18. flynnbluemoon

    IN Ocean Beach San Diego

    Looking for other train hoppers have made it successfully from Canada down here I heard there was train hoppers out this way and im looking for someone to guide me down towards Mexico Brazil way
  19. XlilyX

    cops and hitchhiking in affluent areas- San Diego

    Thought id share my recent hitchhiking experience. Was trying to go from Carmel Valley (had been there to say hi to relatives) to Carlsbad- like 20 miles up the five or something. This was my first experience dealing with cops while hitchhiking (aside from one that drove by and used his speaker...
  20. Heath Bar

    RMD app free food

    Anyone in San Diego and a cell phone can use this. Download the RMD group app from the app store. The RMD group has a few restaurants in downtown and the app is redeamable in any of those that the group owns. All you have to do is download the app and you get 20$ to spend in any way you like at...