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  • Can't be any geek off the street you got to be handy with the steel.. Earn your keep.

    i like that.
    so yeah.. sorry, i stepped off ythe pooter fer a few...... but yeah maybe we could meet up in columbus or somethin...it's a cool town, i like it...college town...lots of train action.... my buddy doobie d will be rollin thru there too...and my old roaddog lives there so yeah...if nuthin else could just hang out or somethin....
    Where u? havent seen ya hope u well aint dont kill noone tough guy
    check this blog out Junky Says.
    HEY! Sorry, I've been kinda MIA from STP lately. I'm still in town here, Ive got some plans but nothing is set yet. I'll be heading to the slabs in a few weeks for a couple days to plan a big show and then I'll be back there the last weekend/first weekend of September and October for the show. I'll forsure give you more info if youre down later on. When are you heading to socal?
    What the fuck are you talkin about, you drunk again or what? LOL
    well when you get to san diego, lemme know via pm and we'll hook up and get stupid drunk or something!
    dude i am in minot north dakota and i had a cop car just drive by with a liscence plate that read "POLICE"
    i didn't know you could do that shit
    ATTN: all michiganders
    there will be a mini stp gathering on this sat the 17th

    it will be at CHE COSA in mount clem at noon

    3 members attending so far
    Your post about Anarcho-Communism didn't make sense. Communism in itself usually ends up being a dictatorship, but Anarcho-Communism would be better referred to as 'Tribalism'. It is more when people band together, and word together out of mutual benefit as opposed out of individual gain. If you want to live in a state of anarchy, you will need friends, and they will need to help you. Jesus was teaching this really, "Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself." You have to think of the community as whole, organize as a whole without someone looking down on you to force it.
    WELLL IF YER IS SD OR ROUND THAT general area....we should meet up asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! try dialing 619-993-3292 or 922-1489 or as last resort... 619-368-9430
    didnt do waterproofing yet, but we're going to mexico for a few weeks . leaving like the first or second week of feb. dont know for sure when we're going to do it but definitely before we take off. on a different note, fuck san francisco. i cant stand the haight...i guess the rest is ok though. we should hang out sometime soon. like this next week sometime. keep in touch.
    hey we're going to be in chico tomorrow. your number didnt work when i called it earlier. throw me your ladys number or something we should hang out.
    It was fun. I was hopeing to go back last week but some things came up. Were you there for new years?
    Moth seems like he's doing well. The Spazz crew didn't seem to like us very much. haha we didn't get the best of looks from them, but fuck it. It's all goood.
    Let me know if you ever make it back there.
    never have...i fell dirty doing that shit if im staying in a house...ive played guitar ar farmers market but thats different...im not sure. we could always buy the shit and you could pay us back...we're thinking of going out there tomorrow. i'll call ya/.
    well... not too sure. i found some local beeswax they said its really dirty nasty shit which is good for us since we'll be boiling it anyway and the bad shit will separate...and then we need turps pine tar and linseed oil...id bet on 50 bucks for all of it but we should be able to waterproof fucking all our packs and carhartts and shit...should be well worth it
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