1. FreeCheetos

    Homeless/rubbertramping in Portland, Oregon

    Hey Ya'll! First off. I'm so glad this website exists. Thank you so much to those who put it together and keep it running. This was an awesome resource for my partner and I two years ago when we hitchhiked and walked the Appalachian trail for a bit, now we're going to be hitting the road again...
  2. FiresAndFlowers

    Oregon is my new favorite cryptid

    Was out traveling on the west coast with my boyfriend (Kyle) and his partner (Ryan) at the beginning of the month, and this is one of the creepier stories from that trip. We decided to drive through the night from San Fransisco to Portland, so we fixed up the back of the SUV into a lil sleepin...
  3. Hawkandmagoo

    Seeking Ride Santa rosa ca to grants pass oregon.

    1 dog 1 human 1 guitar 1 pack.
  4. NomadTocavox

    Seeking Couch Anyone in MtHood Oregon?

    Looking for couch while i get situated with a winter job at a ski lodge in mt hood. Any takers?
  5. NomadTocavox

    Seeking Couch Anyone in mt hood Oregon?

    Looking for couch while i get situated with a winter job at a ski lodge in mt hood. Any takers?
  6. McFly888

    Two tramps anda pussy travelin westword...

    Traveling outta ga to westcoast. HMU if you got room in a ride or wanna join the thumb parade. Paz. McFly
  7. McFly888

    Seeking Ride Georgia heading to Oregon

    Hubby and I needs a ride out west, he can help drive and I have 50bucks for whatever. We got a pack each. Any decent amt o miles westward outta Georgia works fer us.
  8. S

    Cottage Grove, OR - Vegas.

    About me: Hello, names Mike, been homeless for a few months now, result of exhausting resources trying to get my veteran benefits AND now I can't find anywhere to leave my pup Roshi while I work so can't get a job until recently. It hasn't got bad yet for me, just feels like camping. Have had a...
  9. beginnavagabond

    Hitching from Laramie to Portland

    I plan on going about this way in June and I was wondering if this would be doable for a first time hitchhiker. I would plan on stopping in SLC, and Boise before going to Portland. I've also heard the legal status of hitchhiking isn't good especially in Boise. What did you experience? Thanks!
  10. beginnavagabond

    Looking for a road dog this summer

    Hey everyone, I will in Denver on June 5th and I will probably be leaving June 10th or later to SLC, Portland, and up to Washington, but I am flexible with where we go. I was wondering if there was someone with experience I could partner up with for a bit. I was travelling too comfortably...
  11. Matt Derrick

    looking for information about oregon county fair

    folks have mentioned the oregon county fair here and there (and i had an ex that told me a bit about it) but i thought i'd pitch it to the StP audience and see if anyone knows more information about this event? is this something travelers go to? should i add it to our events list? I've heard...
  12. Matt Derrick

    Finding Events, Gatherings, and Festivals

    The goal of this page is to document what events are going on every year in the travel punk community. There are obviously all kinds of events, gatherings, festivals, and other kinds of parties going on all the time, but this list is intended to show you a piece of what’s going on each year that...
  13. Horrid

    Holly Lester

    [/IMG] This is for my best friend who went missing in Hood River and who's body washed up on the Colombia River in April of '17. She was 27 years old, an amazing clarinet player and learning how to play the accordion. She was born and raised in Seattle and was the first person I met when I...
  14. S

    Headed to the Pacific Northwest

    I'm planning on going this winter. Portland, Seattle, Olympia, maybe even Vancouver, BC. ~ What are some good youth drop in resources? I need someplace LGBT friendly, that doesn't require ID, and which doesn't feel like fucking juvenile hall; someplace like Safe Place for Youth in Los Angeles...
  15. Tatanka

    Wintering Over Florence Oregone

    Of course nothing pops up for old threads for here ha. Wintering over on the west coast first time ever. Renting a spot to crash with my pops and sister. Mostly sleep in my tent. Indoors just ain't all me. But considering it rains a lot such as wildly, now, it's nice to have a place to cook...
  16. beginnavagabond

    Tips on Boulder to Portland

    I want to get to Portland and I am in Boulder right now and I was thinking going to Cheyenne and hitch on I-80 W. Is there a better way to get there? Have you done this route before? Let me know and thanks!
  17. T

    Heading out on my summer voyage soon.

    I made this profile a year or so ago, and I never actually ended up going anywhere. Now, I'm finally doing it. I've got the opportunity, I'm getting my car fixed up, and its summer. I'm here in the introduction section in order to hopefully build friendships with other dwellers and people who...
  18. Tatanka

    Roseburg OR

    so I'll be driving a van for my father to this town or vicinity in mid April then on a wide open ended foot walkabout looking for anyone's personal fav towns in OR and things to check out. I'll be on the tramp for long term camping spots in the big wilderness parks, other travelers lady tramps...
  19. Coywolf

    Photos Crooked River Bridge

    Not really sure if this fits into "Urban" exploration, but it is the closest forum I could find to house this post: I have always driven over this bridge outside of Terrabonne, Oregon and I finally stopped to check it out. Appearently, it was the longest single span all-concrete bridge in...
  20. dabtime710

    West Coast Busking Tips

    I've begun my life as a traveler as of a little over a month ago with reggae music as my means of making money (guitarist/ song writer) My homie and I bought an rv, where I'll be most likely resided for the winter, where after I'll be hitting the road solo and on foot, as I foresee this being...