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    In Iowa on 80 have van and dog. Anyone want to go to Oregon?

    Dog and van headed to Oregon on 80 now in Iowa. Travelers welcome call me 248 773 6898
  2. Scat

    Couch Offered Oregon Camping on Private Property - Save Our Trees!

    Hey! Hoping to help a person or two out for short or long term. Quid pro quo for me and my pack so no one is out here in a rural area alone in case of health problems, emergency vet needs, and for company so I don't lose my mind, haha! This is not a work trade. You can stay here and simply be...
  3. Tobiko

    north Bay Area to i5 north (dunsmuir/Shasta/weed, southern Oregon maybe)

    Leaving Sonoma county in a couple hours, stopping at Russian River to keep cool then travelling over to i5 and up this evening, arriving where we will post up in weed/Shasta/dunsmuir area for End of the Line Moniker Show - 2022 - https://bbcrc.org/eotl.html and then probably heading to Mutant...
  4. Wistfulpenguin

    Spots to be left alone in Portland Oregon

    Me and my husband have been camping around Portland Oregon for nearly a month now. They're starting to get aggressive with the sweeps and we're looking for somewhere with a moderate amount of privacy that people will respect our site. The spot we're staying in now is full of silica sand so tips...
  5. Ragtag Dumpster

    Seeking Couch Looking for a place or worktrade (southern Oregon)

    Currently in southern Oregon Medford area kicking it looking for a worktrade housing situation, maybe even on a farm, or a place just for camping, or even just a couple nights rest.
  6. Ragtag Dumpster

    Heading to oregon looking for ride or trainhop

    Looking to head out of minnesota this month. Going to oregon. Looking for a trainhop partner or a vehicle ride. Will help pay for gas. Me and and friendly doggo. Calm and laid back. Pm if interested
  7. Inertia

    Long time wanderer, currently in Oregon working on a bus build

    Sup! I'm Inertia, 35, agender queer, chronically ill, mentally ill, long time nomad, currently in Oregon working on a bus conversion. Itching to get back on the road and into the woods. I love bikes, motorcycles, hiking, sailing, learning to build and fix things, animals (especially horses and...
  8. gizmochaos

    Hello from Salem Oregon

    Hello y'all! I've been lurking for a while now and would like to become more involved. I really like the train hopping and urban exploration aspect of this community. I've been so inspired that I've shown this site to a couple of my friends and have gone on a couple urbex adventures because of...
  9. lizZzard

    What is up y’all!?

    Hey there! My names Liz but you can call me lizZzard ha! Been a lurker here for a bit and have to say I really enjoy this platform! I’ve done a bit of hitchhiking and currently live in my van out here in beautiful Oregon! If anyone comes out this way and needs ideas of roads to sleep on, NF or...
  10. ItsAWastelandBaby

    Looking for trimming jobs in oregon

    Looking for trim jobs, preferably under the table, south oregon. Thanks y'all!
  11. TurboArmatron

    Portland Oregon Houseless Collective

    Collective of anarchist houseless people in Portland. Anyone there or passing through contact [email protected] for mutual aid with whatever you are needing that we can provide. We also have a safe communal campsite and kitchen/barroom. Follow us on Twitter @PDXHRC.
  12. Breck

    Be careful out there - armed civilian road blocks in oregon

    https://amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/sep/16/oregon-fires-armed-civilian-roadblocks-police If your traveling right now be careful. These kinds of things tend to get a little hairy. Avoid these assholes at all costs.
  13. Coywolf

    All California National Forests Closed - Worst Fire Season on Record

    InciWeb - Fire Incident map Forests Closed - LA Times All National Forests in CA are currently closed to to an un-fucking-precidented fire season. I'm a Firefighter, and this shit is terrifying. DO NOT HAVE FIRES in the woods right now. I cant stress that enough. The country is *literally*...
  14. TheTimeEnder

    time ender from portland, oregon - crazy person you should avoid

    Hello there, all! Merry Christmas! I will be 21 in 2 days... :) Would love to set off on foot/train/etc wherever the journey goes! I have a 80L backpack that I carry around. I am currently in Portland!!! I akso own Chill, intuitive, stonerrrr, loves animals, have my head on somewhat...
  15. TheTimeEnder

    Let's leave Oregon and hop a train towards New York City? :)

    Would any other adventurous and free souls like to leave Oregon and go to hop the freight trains heading towards New York? I have money as well, if that matters and my own hiking bacpack. Platonic only. Thanks. :)
  16. LocalWeirdo

    Portland to California travel advice ?

    Female travelling alone considering freight hopping. Looking for some genereal advice or tips ( i'm from the UK so i'm not super familiar with things here yet )
  17. sgtpickles

    Featured My PCT Thru Hike Experience

    (INTRO) --- I posted a thread in the trainhopping forum last week and mentioned my experience hiking the Pacific Crest Trail introducing me to this community of vagabonds, travelers, wanderers, and free spirits. Several hours later I got a response from a fellow member recommending me to...
  18. Rayontrees

    newbie hailing from Eugene

    Hiya, I'm Emmet, a 20 year old newbie who plans to travel in, oh, 6 months (?) My only travel experience is a middle school orchestra trip to Cali so you might say I'm seasoned as fuck lol. I plan to explore the west coast for a while and then high tail it east to meet up with a couple of close...
  19. Curly

    Seeking suggestions: Oregon coast

    Hello, I am new here, this is my first post. Getting on the road in a couple days to head up the Pacific Northwest. Never been more West than Vegas so I am very excited for this trip especially because I have never been up the Northwest (though I have been wanting to for some time). My buddy and...
  20. Honey Crust

    S.O.A.P. Fest in the woods of Oregon!

    Two day free folk punk festival in the woods outside of Klamath Falls, OR! Hiking, camping, music, good people, good shit!