Cottage Grove, OR - Vegas.


Jun 26, 2018
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Cottage Grove
About me: Hello, names Mike, been homeless for a few months now, result of exhausting resources trying to get my veteran benefits AND now I can't find anywhere to leave my pup Roshi while I work so can't get a job until recently. It hasn't got bad yet for me, just feels like camping. Have had a lot of help thankfully. Got a few things, my army duffle. And tent.

Looking For: Someone going to Vegas, from Oregon, Cottage Grove too be exact. I have a friend who just got a house there where I can leave my dog and find a job finally, I just gotta get there. I'm staying near a friends and take showers daily and my dog is very quiet, he is a deer chihuahua who is trained better than any animal I've encountered. Listens to everything I say and isn't loud like most small dogs. Anything else ya need to know just ask, I'm new and not sure what to provide but I'm the easiest to get along with and will answer whatever. Thanks for reading!


Sometimes traveler is traveling.
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Jul 28, 2011
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Rochester, NY
Hi there and welcome to STP. Sorry about your situation - and I've run into this scenario several times - best thought is to really have one of your friends/family in mind for you doggo. But I will give you a couple of things that may help if you have not already found something.

Facebook group. Travelers helping travelers. travelers value their traveling companions. Perhaps some help there if not some of the people sharing.

Friend me on Facebook - Pat Joram. I can hopefully guide you to some of my other friends - specifically a few groups who specialize in animal care and rescue. If you friend me - PM me here in STP as my messinger is off the wall with contacts and things get lost. :) And good luck

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