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so I'll be driving a van for my father to this town or vicinity in mid April then on a wide open ended foot walkabout looking for anyone's personal fav towns in OR and things to check out. I'll be on the tramp for long term camping spots in the big wilderness parks, other travelers lady tramps as well he he also, to further acquire and detail guitar skills and confidence and all around good times and vibes and towns that have decent tolerance for people with packs and dogs. want to find some communes or camps or tribes doing the pack critter or walking thing as well on helpx or sword of mouth. I respect people, don't beg unless I end up really having to fly some witty sign and I don't look like shit and have a big furry mutt.
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I grew up in Roseburg. South Umpqua falls is absolutely amazing and you can slide down it during the Summer.


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I'm in Oregon on foot as well, leme know when you get on the road there some cool ass shit I could show you on the coast if you make it out that way. Or if you need info in the Eugene area, I'm still learning other cities up here, give a shout well drink some beeeeas.

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