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off grid

  1. AG Golda

    Off Grid Living

    Wanted to show you guys where I'm staying for now :D that is a very unfinished hut but I like practicing more primitive camping. Theres a trailer underneath the green tent that is the house. Been here for two years but the weather is just soooo nice right now and the west coast is calling me
  2. Matt Derrick

    Man Living Off-Grid in a Tent on an Island

    Jojo has been living off-grid in a tent for 18 months, the last 12 of which have been on an island in Sweden! He has a 5 meter (16-foot) Sibley Bell tent set up on a platform, a wood stove for heat, a multi-fuel stove for cooking, a solar panel and a car battery for charging devices, and...
  3. obey no one

    off the grid mobile screen printing part 3 (finally progress)

  4. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    News & Blogs The latest trend in RV'ing: Getting way off the grid

    (CNN)Recreational vehicle makers often boast how their RVs and trailers can feel just like home. Besides their cleverly packaged bathrooms and kitchenettes, when you park your rig at a campground you can find something else that will make you feel you never left home: neighbors. Often lots of...
  5. obey no one

    off the grid mobile screen printing part 2

    the second test print did not go like i had hoped. i didn't get any usable stickers, and my ink / vinyl combination did not work out, but decided to cut up one of my t shirts to do some fabric test prints that came out okay first the setting printed in the high desert with no electric...
  6. Lucky1313131313

    What's going on? I'm into off-grid living and sustainability

    Hi, call me Lucky13. I've been working on figuring out viable ways to live totally off the grid for about five years now. Or as close to that as possible. This is what I've made: MacRev - http://macgyverrevolution.neocities.org and Better World Blog – Tech, DIY, and general geeking out -...
  7. dumpsternavel

    Off-Grid homesteadin' wing'n it yeh

    Alright, peeps... I'm gonna share with you my on-going journey with the art of land cultivation, building, and off-grid living. I began this with my partner @Caveman118 in mid November of 2018. This all started after I finally spent some time in Louisiana, being my 48th state hit while...
  8. B

    living in the wild spring of 2020

    I'm looking to go out in the spring of 2020 to live full time in the wild. like minded people are welcome to join but lets keep it small ( 5 people max ) will be packing everything in. if you do plan on coming with please make sure you have everything you need and make sure to bring a wood gas...
  9. Cornelius Vango

    Photos Photo Tour of my Bus

    Now that I've been living full-time in my bus instead of just using it as a detachable bedroom and work truck, I decided to take some pictures of my set-up.
  10. K

    Want to learn how to live off the grid.

    Hi, my name is Kim. I'm almost 58 years old and at a breaking point. I feel I have two choices - end everything or run away. I need to try to finally have a life of my own. A life where I'm not being abused or taken advantage of by people who are supposed to love and/or have some kind of respect...
  11. D

    summer time uninhabited island squat cape cod mass

    okay so this place okay so this place called panekes Island that used to have a school on it for bad kids from Boston has been uninhabited for several years now maybe as many as five but it has a big house a tool shop a boat shop climbing walls animal pens chicken coops Garden space basketball...
  12. wanderingweed

    Anyone living near AshFork, AZ or Kaibab Knolls?

    Basically, I am broke AF. I am sick of slaving to put money in other peoples pockets so, I have decided to buy land and leave the city. My wife and I purchased 2.3 acres in northern Arizona near Ash Fork in a subdivision called Kaibab Knolls. I am looking for info from people living in that...
  13. VikingAdventurer

    Video Some updates on the Slab City Library

    Hey, everyone! Sorry about the "radio silence", I've had my hands pretty full lately. To make a long story short, I've been working closely with @Cornelius Vango at the Slab City Library. Last month, they placed me in charge of the place. It's been a LOT of work, but extremely rewarding so...
  14. BelleBottoms


    Settling is my new adventure. Though I have been many places and would like to see many more, I am currently trying to set up a home in the high desert. We are several miles from any pavement or utility grids, and it's a huge, wonderful, difficult learning process to make life comfortable...
  15. ResistMuchObeyLittle

    Winter Camping- way Off Grid

    Looking for someone, or a few people that are interested in going off grid for the winter. We'd build a nice shelter, fire pit, etc. I have the skills for this and if you do too that would work great. Trying to get this going asap. If you have a car, I have gas money-but would have to figure...
  16. CoNiGMa


    Cordage is a good thing to have in a survival situation. Any type of wire, rope, string, twine, or line of any type will be useful, but stronger rope is better. It can be used for multiple purposes like lashing things together, building shelter, carrying and moving items, climbing, making a...
  17. CoNiGMa

    The Rule of Three

    In a survival situation, a person has 4 core things that he/she needs to survive. These are Shelter, Water, Fire, and Food. When in a survival situation, remember the Rule of 3: You can survive for 3 Minutes without air (oxygen) or in icy water. You can survive for 3 Hours without shelter in a...
  18. CoNiGMa

    16+ Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches or a Lighter

    Fire is essential when in a survival situation. It is used to purify and boil water, cook food, as well as other things. There are numerous ways to start a fire when out in the wilderness or in a survival situation. In the absence of lighters and matches, here is a list of various options...
  19. CoNiGMa

    Shelter building with natural materials

    One of the main things you need to worry about when in a survival situation is shelter, especially in cold, damp climates. If you do not have a shelter such as a tent and cannot find a suitable place to use as a shelter from wild animals and the elements, you will need to make one. There are...
  20. CoNiGMa

    Cheap Food Storage Supply

    Something you need to consider if you are preparing for a SHTF scenario is food. Storing food may seem like a daunting and expensive task, but I found a list by “AZPrepper” which makes things easier for you. He basically came up with a list of $5 food items that you can purchase each week for a...