What's going on? I'm into off-grid living and sustainability (1 Viewer)

May 13, 2020
United States
Hi, call me Lucky13. I've been working on figuring out viable ways to live totally off the grid for about five years now. Or as close to that as possible. This is what I've made: MacRev - http://macgyverrevolution.neocities.org and Better World Blog – Tech, DIY, and general geeking out - http://www.betterworldblog.xyz. Big thing I'm working on is trying to put as many useful educational resources online as possible so if you have any leads please let me know. I've been a practicing Witch and herbalist for a while. Oh yeah, I'm also genderqueer, took me like 20 years to figure that out. Looking to find resources to help me with these projects and resources for living a more eco-friendly life. Or to talk about stuff that is not what everyone else is talking about on the internet, which is sounding more and more like an echo chamber these days
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May 12, 2020
If you're into technology, sustainability, and homesteading you should definitely check out Open Source Ecology. It's an ill project that centers around open source hardware as well as sustainable techniques and procedures. If you're interested enough you can help contribute to the project. Also their wiki is a goldmine of neat shit.

interesting ted talk from the founder:

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