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Joe Btfsplk

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Mar 16, 2009
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I arrived at the Slab on Sept. 25, last Sunday. After all day driving I was road-head-dead and asked to speak with Constance at the library; I fucked up your name, asked for the wrong person. I had two cases of ice cold beer to donate as well as $100 for the solar-powered system you want to build. I saw and gave four people in the library some cold beer and was told Constance (Connie) hung out at the Internet Cafe.

I drove over there and gave Connie and a group the beer and gave Connie the $100 cash for the system. I talked, drank and smoked with the group for a couple hours and left, everything was pleasant.

My name is Bob, I was traveling with my wife and two cats; we drive all over the states. Please, get a hold of Connie for the money, I hope folks are honest.

I feel badly about this, Cornelius, I am so sorry and hope it can be rectified. Let me know, okay? This really bothers me.

Thank you.

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