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los angeles

  1. Jim

    Leaving Los Angeles

    "Give up the condo life, and all your flaming worldly possessions …" – The Narrator, Fight Club (1999) And so I did. The story of "the rich young ruler" in the Bible always got to me. I was always ashamed that I was holding onto everything I had. The funny thing is, now that I'm not, I feel...
  2. nesw

    Seeking Couch Couch In Los Angeles Area

    Hello STP, I'm looking for a couch in the Los Angeles area. As far north as Castaic, CA, south as San Clemente, west as Santa Maria and east as Palm Springs.
  3. seeking existence

    cross-country drive

    Not sure if this is the most accurate place to post and hoping this post can get the most views here. I need my Prius Prime driven from Los Angeles, California to Flint, Michigan (or close by place in midwest eg Detroit Chicago we can talk about it) sometime mid February or earlier. Looking for...
  4. reeed

    [Callout] Los Angeles Squat Project

    Haven't been on this site for a while but figure this is the place to post. So apparently California has the some of the best 'squatters rights" laws in the USA. Why are there no squats in Los Angeles! The city is full of occupiable buildings. I'd like to make a plan to take over a...
  5. Astral Arlo

    My fiancee and I posted up in LA. Looking for good people or a cheap place to rent/squat. Need advice

    Hello everyone! Im new here but have had several people recommend it. Im a musician posted in LA with my fiancee. Looking for a place to rent or squat
  6. KittyKhan

    Kitty in LA

    Hello peeps. I just got to Los Angeles. I’m broke, and semi homeless. Was hoping to get some advice, tips and help to survive in this city. I’m Kat but I go by Kitty as well. I’m 21, trans female and a lesbian. Hope to make some good cool friends ^_^
  7. thegrapsman

    From socal looking to leave with friends

    Hey yall, 31yr old lgbt male here (I dont talk about it much but if you're curious I can tell you in dm). 420 friendly and I drink sometimes. Looking for cool people to travel with, I have a mini van so ideally looking for other people in vehicles but if you're cool and can contribute...
  8. pokchop

    Missing in Los Angeles:Cory Cox

    Hey everyone, PÖKCHØP here. Just trying to boost this signal! This young man went missing in Los Angeles earlier this month, just after landing in LAX. His name is Cory Cox. He's a 30 yr old white male. Approximately 5'7", 190lbs. He was picked up from the airport by an unknown female, and was...
  9. Seeds21

    Heading to Los Angeles

    Hi im heading to LA will be there on Saturday. Hoping some like minded people might want to chill and hang out. Im 39 m pretty laid back easy going. I drink and im 42o friendly. Just finished traveling all over the east coast and Im going to be very happy to be back out west. Maybe meet up have...
  10. thegrapsman

    Anywhere to city camp in Covina area?

    Hey guys I'm in Covina (LA/SGV area) for the night and I can't find a spot to park overnight anywhere out here, I have to line up at the DMV at 5am so I really dont want to have to travel outside of Covina/West Covina. Anyone know about this area?
  11. MetalBryan

    Homeless take over home in Los Angeles

    And so it has begun. Mom's leading the movement. https://www.latimes.com/homeless-housing/story/2020-03-14/homeless-moms-occupy-house-los-angeles-caltrans-coronavirus-pandemic
  12. MetalBryan

    An empty residential plot near downtown Los Angeles

    Like the title says, my friend owns an empty plot of land (zoned residential) near downtown Los Angeles. He hasn't built anything on it because he doesn't want to gentrify, but he brought up that I could make use of it if I wanted to move there. I can't afford to build a proper house and...
  13. Pdog

    Yesterdays travels Los Angeles to Slab City

    Most people hate mondays. However yesterday I took the opportunity to check out Slab City Library and the Salton Sea. I gotta say the drive was worth it! I just wish i had more time off work. Anyways, back to work!
  14. D

    train hop from Arkansas/East Texas to Los Angeles.

    Looking for anyone that wants to hop or at least give me info on the best way to hop. This is just a spontaneous trip I’d like to take and then fly back home.
  15. Taming the Tiger

    Fastest/Best Routes, Chico to Los Angeles?

    Hey folks. Well, I’m coming close to the end of my first ever hitching trip. It’s been a hell of a ride; I went up the west coast from Palm Springs through Santa Barbara, SLO, Big Sur, the Bay, Arcata, Coos Bay on the 1 and 101, then up to Portland, back down to Eugene, Roseburg, Dunsmuir, and...
  16. ScumRag

    Los Angeles Typhus Outbreak

    http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-ln-typhus-outbreak-20181011-story.html L.A. typhus outbreak adds fuel to the debates over homelessness and housing By SOUMYA KARLAMANGLA OCT 11, 2018 | 3:50 PM L.A. typhus outbreak adds fuel to the debates over homelessness and housing: An...
  17. loathsomeginger

    Photos Trainhopping CA, OR and WA along the I-5 corridor

    I'm currently in the process of recording a currently untitled binaural podcast over the next 6 to 8 months featuring a broad range of American hobos/vagabonds and just finished my first month of travel which took me from Southern CA to OR and WA (and back). Here's a brief summary of the trip...
  18. OwenE

    Photos Intermodals On The I-5 - Seattle to Los Angeles 2017

    Photos from my time on the I-5 Corridor in August and September of 2017. Yeah, I know you've all done it already. Nothing to see here. My flight out of Anchorage touched down in Seattle just after 6:00 AM on the morning of August 28th, and I spent the next day making my way toward the Union...
  19. PunkWithOuttaSafetyPin

    Guess I won't be anti-social

    What's up everyone? I'm John. I'm a life long "punk rocker" from LA. For some awful reason I tried it their way and made the realization that I'm just sitting here with my thumb up my ass. So decided that I may as well see what I can with my thumb up my ass. I don't have a vehicle, have no clue...
  20. S

    Where do homeless people hang out in West LA?

    Like specific spots where a group of people chill all day. All I know about is "the cannon"/south side of Palisades Park in Santa Monica, and Safe Place for Youth in Venice. It's kinda lonely and boring seeing the same mofos every day.