los angeles

  1. outlawwolf

    Ride Offered Roseville to Los Angeles

    Departing from: Roseville Destination: Los Angeles Date range: now (& again sometime soon) I'm terrible at planning so this is a super last minute notice. Leaving within the next few hours. But I also do this drive a lot so if you live along the 5 or 99 and want to go north or south let me know...
  2. Forrest

    Seeking Ride Sactown to La La Land

    Departing from: Sacramento, Ca. Roseville to be specific Destination: Los Angeles Date range: soon, like before April 1st. About me: I need to get to Los Angeles to turn in my "homework", I'd definetly be willing to help drive and throw down on some gas. The homework is some info for an old...
  3. WorldClassVIP

    Seeking Ride Indianapolis > LA - March 12, 2018!

    Departing from: Downtown Naptown, USA Destination: Heart of Los Angeles, or at least far enough to catch some breathing space far away from Indy ASAP. Date range: Departure planned between the dates of March 12 - March 21, 2018. About me: Just recently joined STP, fellow traveler, looking for...
  4. PunkWithOuttaSafetyPin

    Guess I won't be anti-social

    What's up everyone? I'm John. I'm a life long "punk rocker" from LA. For some awful reason I tried it their way and made the realization that I'm just sitting here with my thumb up my ass. So decided that I may as well see what I can with my thumb up my ass. I don't have a vehicle, have no clue...
  5. storyofrachel

    Where do homeless people hang out in West LA?

    Like specific spots where a group of people chill all day. All I know about is "the cannon"/south side of Palisades Park in Santa Monica, and Safe Place for Youth in Venice. It's kinda lonely and boring seeing the same mofos every day.
  6. storyofrachel

    Flying a sign in Los Angeles

    This morning I got a talking to from Santa Monica P.D. about flying a sign at the 10 offramp. Last night I made a killing ($23) at the onramp, and it suxdix. Where can I do this? Does LAPD give a shit? Should I fly a sign tonight at the onramp anyways? I am terrified of being arrested and having...
  7. findfoot

    Seeking Ride HELP: Bay Area to LA 11/18

    Hello. This Foot here. I'm flying out of LAX TODAY (to see my baby sister who is turning 2). I NEED A RIDE TODAY ASAP FROM SANTA CRUZ/BAY AREA TO LA I've got gas pitch. Trying to be responsible and find a ride but might end up hitching. NEED YOUR HELP ROAD FAM. Help me find a ride south
  8. nowherebaby

    Meet up in LA?

    been on the road for about a month now with my road dawg. Bless his heart I just quit smoking cigs too. Anyway! I'm just looking for cool people who are down to earth, and can have a good time doing a whole lot of nothing. So if you wanna meet up sometime for a smoke I'm anywhere from LA to Long...
  9. WestCoastDream

    Carolina Girl Looking West

    Hello, everyone! My name is Rachel. I'm looking for a partner to travel across the country with - from South Carolina to Los Angeles. And since I don't drive due to a medical condition, I'm looking for a partner with a car or van. I may not be able to share driving duties, but I certainly make...
  10. Louie the wheatpaste guy

    Seeking Couch Looking for job/apt/squat in or near LA/southern Cali

    Hey guys, I am 29 year old guy from NYC. Lived rough before but now I hold down a job/girlfriend/dog/apt in Brooklyn. We have no problem getting by, but my girl and I are recovering Junkies. We re in programs and doing ok, but we need access to affordable medical marijuana and that isn't in the...
  11. BummyBree

    Seeking Couch My husband and I are dirty (Venice, CA)

    WwwHeyyy. My hubby and I have been staying in Venice at the moment and are dying for a nice shower. We could be in and out. No sex in your shower. We have our own soap. Just have smelly butts that need bubbles and warmish water. We will be here for awhile! Let me know if you can help us out and...
  12. boozeliteyear

    Newbies looking to Hitchhike cross-country! ?

    Hello! I've been reading StP for a while now, but just posting for the first time today! As of right now, my friend Sarah and I are aiming to mostly hitchhike across the country from NYC to Los Angeles, going along the Southernmost parts of the US in mid May. We're inexperienced as hitchhikers...
  13. EphemeralStick

    Photos Salton Sea and Slab City

    Here are some pics I took during the past few months. Some are around the Salton Sea while others are at the Lizard Tree Library in Slab City. Oh yeah and three photos from LA because I forgot to take many photos while I was there. Featured in these shots are StP users @Matt Derrick @Shwhiskey...
  14. rocket potato

    Seeking Ride LA to Slab City

    ill be in LA til saturday the 11th and would love to hitch/catch a ride to slab city! if anyone's down... let a girl know. cheeeeeeers
  15. Wesley

    Ride Offered Humboldt➡SF ➡LA➡SD

    2 kids and a puppy named Karma in a 95 Pathfinder. Currently in Arcata, (2/15) spanging/flying/jugging until Tuesday/Wednesday then we're heading south! SF has a lot of kids and family on Haight and in the park. LA is a definite layover for maybe a few days. Venice and Santa Monica being the...
  16. EphemeralStick

    Los Angeles Parking Spots

    As some of you know I've been spending the last few months bouncing between Los Angeles and Slab City. The reason being that I've been working in LA as a Postmate bike messenger. (More on that in a separate thread, eventually.) As such I've been trying out various areas of the city and with each...
  17. Mustbenice

    Ride Offered Chicago to LA mid/late jan.

    Hey StP. Ive begun my trek across the country! Made it out of dade country FL, hit atlanta, detroit and now in chicago. I'm working with a buddy for a few weeks and then its back on the road. I have a 4 door sedan. Im looking for someone to drive with for company and to throw some gas money...
  18. V

    Seeking Ride Northern Virginia to Los Angeles, California area

    Trying to get out of a bad living situation. I currently don't have a car and am hoping to find a ride to California. Specifically I want to go to Lancaster, California. After getting to Lancaster I'm staying with a close friend.
  19. Snorting Nitrons


    http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-venice-beach-curfew-suit-20151208-story.html They got me last night. Ticketed for curfew violation. It was marked as infraction, not a misdemeanor. I could have walked away, but I was a couple beers in and gave them shit for physically harassing a...
  20. Wildweed

    Sacramento, Fresno, Auburn, (leaving monterey county)

    Hey, I'm new here, been browsing the last few days and thought I would step up.. 30/f Making the move to just south of lake Tahoe, placerville, officially may 18th. I'm Wildweed, I'm currently getting ready to leave Monterey county (and not a moment too soon, I have been here so long). I will...