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Apr 7, 2016
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Prunedale, ca
Hey, I'm new here, been browsing the last few days and thought I would step up.. 30/f Making the move to just south of lake Tahoe, placerville, officially may 18th. I'm Wildweed, I'm currently getting ready to leave Monterey county (and not a moment too soon, I have been here so long). I will be making several trips between Monterey county and placerville, including a round trip to Fresno asap, with summer trips to los angeles and orange county planned. I will be travelling via my car and amtrak, or greyhound. Would love to get to know who else is headed in those directions, good places to stop.. And if driving will have some room. If amtrak, I'll have some pull. I love trsvelling, I've been from British columbia, to mazatlan mexico, many trips to los angeles and lived in long beach for a bit, to getting stranded in Tempe,. I seem to make friends and have a good time no matter where I end up.... and now find it necessary to log some hours on the road to move on in life and find new reasons to keep going. Check my page out if you would like to know more.. Or me!
I love music so much and "wildweed" was jeffrey Lee pierces (of the gun club) solo album, and one of many large tattoos I ended up with. I'm a writer for an international music magazine and a few others as well as amateur paranormal investigator, so stops in Ione, Georgetown, etc are a must. I'm also great with painting, making jewelry, and sewing.


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